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Creates a slide show on your WordPress site

Hot Lightbox is WordPress Lightbox plugin that converts images from any folder on your server into the interactive slide show presentation. The plugin will automatically create thumbnails from your images and store them on your server, as per given parameters. All you need to do is to create a folder on your server and upload images in it. Hot Lightbox will take care of the rest.

How to make a slide show in your WordPress site:

  1. Install Hot Lightbox plugin from your computer as you usually and activate it.
  2. Upload images you'd like to use in the slide show into any folder on your server (through WordPress or FTP). Make sure the folder is writable by WordPress.
  3. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag Hot Lightbox in any widget position.
  4. Click the arrow next to the widget's name to see all available parameters of the widget.
  5. There you can see the parameters related to thumbnails border, padding and margin, as well as border colors.
  6. The most important settings of the plugin are under the Thumbnails Settings. There you select your folder with images. Also, you can set the thumbnails width and height and the thumbnails quality in this section.

WordPress Lightbox plugin does all remaining tasks automatically in order to create the slide show on your site.

WordPress Lightbox plugin automatically creates thumbnail images and save them into /thumbs subfolder (in the folder where your images are). The thumbnail images are created per parameters that you entered in the widget settings section (regarding dimensions and quality). The plugins also creates the Lightbox slide show. When your visitor clicks on any thumbnail image, the slide show starts. Visitor can change images (prev/next) in the pop-up while the rest of the website area will be faded out. If visitor click on any point outside of the Lightbox area, the slide show will be closed.


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