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Hosting Supplier for Your PBNs

For any type of hosting, whether it be a single, small website, a large money making website or a PBN network, the one thing that will be common in what you would look for is reliability. Any business owner who depends on their website will tell you the difficulties and the inconvenience caused by having a poorly hosted website. It is always a temptation to save money by going for the cheapest option but in the long run it could actually be costing you more money when you factor in the loss of sales or services caused by your website having yet another few hours of downtime. Speed is another consideration for all websites, a customer will very quickly become irritated if your website takes too long to load or they are unable to turn quickly to the next page. Visitors would normally turn away if your site was taking too long and around half of them will expect a load time of less than 2 seconds. Hosting is therefore crucial for your online success.

When you are choosing to host your PBN ‘s, there are also other considerations that have to be factored in:

  • Your IP addresses should not match one another. You should look into the different class types of IP addresses to ensure that your IP’s are not too similar.
  • The backlink profile should not be suspicious, make sure that you are using natural, non-spammy, domain names to ensure that you don’t get banned from hosting companies.

You essentially have two options for your PBN hosting.

Option1: Create Multiple Hosting Accounts

There can be a financial advantage with this option but only if you have a huge PBN network and are essentially operating on a very large scale, otherwise and for most PBN network operators this would not be the most sensible option as you would have to deal with multiple hosting companies, manage your own network and if that is not enough, you would also be responsible for managing all of the monthly payments.

Option 2: Use PBN Hosting

This option is the more suitable choice for most people who build a PBN network. It has huge advantages over the other option for more people. It is extremely customizable, very easy to use, you have one bill to pay each month and it really is a great starting place for those beginning the process of building their network as it is so well supported and easy to use. Be warned however, like everything else, there are good hosts and there are less than reputable hosts and by using a poor hosting facility, you are open to leaving footprints which for your expensive network that you have spent endless hours creating, is just not a sensible idea and can result in huge penalties for your sites. A reliable provider such as Easy Blog Networks would be able to offer quick and easy hosting for your private blog network with multiple hosting accounts with different IP addresses to keep your network safe from detection.