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Joomla slide show of images located anywhere on your server

Hot Lightbox is Joomla Lightbox module that allows you to include series of images on web pages from any directory with images on your server. This module automatically creates thumbnails from your images, as per given parameters. All you need to do is to select a directory with your images and set styling parameters. What you need to do in order to make it work for your website?

Hot Lightbox
  1. Upload images you'd like to use with this module in a directory on your server (using Joomla Media Manager or FTP). Make sure the directory is writable.
  2. Go to Module Manager and click Hot Lightbox. Publish the module on any module position of your template and set module parameters per your preference.
  3. Under Module Styling set overall width and height of the module area. You can set overflow rule (if needed).
  4. In the same area, you have parameters related to thumbnails border, padding and margin, as well as border colors.
  5. The most important settings are under Thumbnails Settings. There you enter your directory with images. Also, you should set thumbnails width and height and thumbnails quality.
Hot Lightbox

Joomla Lightbox module will do the rest for you. What actually it does?

Joomla Lightbox module automatically creates thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subdirectory of your directory with images. Thumbnail images are created as per your parameters (dimensions and quality). The module will also create a Lightbox slide show. Click on any thumbnail image will open a larger image in the Lightbox pop-up. User can browse images (prev/next) in the pop-up while the rest of the website area will be faded out. Click on any point outside of the Lightbox slide show will bring the website back.

15 USD

Compatibility View Demo Download Purchase Lightbox $15 Get All Templates & Extensions $49

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