Joomla 4 Templates

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Tempaltes Compatible with Joomla 4.x

Joomla 4 is completely redesigned, rethought, and adds a lot of new features compared to the previous Joomla versions. Since we already have a big collection of templates, our main goal was to make them all as Joomla 4 templates.

Joomla 4 templates listed here are fully compatible with the new Joomla 4. The demo data (quickstart) are included with each template. Each template is developed as a child template and has the Sparky Framework as the parent template. Some of the templates are bundled with our Sparky Page Builder and allow you to edit content easier.

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The Hot Fintech is a modern business template focused on financial technology. This template is a perfect starting point for the development of any responsive corporate website based on Joomla.


The Horses template is primarily designed for the development of websites about horse riding and equestrian sports. It also introduces our new module Hot Image Scroller, an endless image scroller based on CSS only.


The Management is the one-page template (long home page) with navigation to the internal sections. At the same time, all these sections are available as separate pages. Therefore, this is a multipurpose business template that can satisfy many different use cases.

Electronics Shop

Electronics and gadgets are often sold online and delivered to buyers. Numerous online shops for electronics are therefore available in all countries of the world. The Electronic Shop e-commerce template lets you create such an online shop using Joomla and Phoca Cart extension.

Furniture Store

Inside the template package, you will find the ready-made Phoca Cart online store that you would use together with this Joomla template. Full compatibility of the Hot Furniture Store Joomla template with the e-commerce component creates a unique style throughout your web store.


Focus is a Joomla template for wedding photographers. It's optimized for mobile devices and equipped with all necessary extensions that show the photographer's works and portfolio.


The Hot Pub is a responsive Joomla template designed with a dark color scheme. This template is suitable for websites for pubs, taverns, beerhouses, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and similar types of websites.


The Hot Chiropractic is a Joomla template for medical websites. Its design contains vibrant colors and high contrasts. We created 5 interesting color variants and you can also create your own easily, using our template framework.


Chess Joomla template is dedicated to chess clubs and people who are delighted to play chess. It's based on a modern design and powered by our page builder.


Fishing template powered by the Sparky Page Builder is a perfect choice for websites for fishing clubs, fishermen companies, and businesses that sell equipment for fishermen.


The Hot Quattro is a clean and responsive Joomla template for the development of modern websites. This template is different from our other templates. This is the first template based on our Sparky Page Builder. It's a game-changer Hot Joomla template!


The Hot Gym is a responsive Joomla template suitable for CrossFit studios, gyms, bodybuilding clubs and websites for similar purposes. It's based on dark colors with 5 appropriate accent colors.

Dark Mode

Long-term screen viewing can be tiring for our eyes. A strong contrast between the environment color and the color of our screen speeds this process up dramatically. Therefore, some apps use the so-called "dark mode" to display light text on a dark background during the night, and "light mode" to display dark text on a light background during the day.

Nail Salon

The Hot Nail Salon is appropriate for the development of websites for nail salons for ladies and for houses of beauty. It's based on a colorful design and contains a nice selection of images appropriate to nail salons.


The Hot Veterinarian is a design for veterinarians, veterinary offices and pet clinics. It contains all the pages and features necessary for the development of a responsive website for the pet clinics.