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This is the unique feature that only Sparky Framework has! The Export tab has only one parameter. But, you'll love it because it allows you to export your work into the new installable Joomla template based on Sparky, with all parameters and options kept.

Sparky will do automatically all that dirty work that you need to do yourself if you want to change template name. Sparky's Export feature automatically updates all template files to match new template name that you selected. It will even change language tags. Your new template exported from Sparky can be installed as any other template Joomla template. So, once you create one template with Sparky, you can easily install it on several Joomlas with the same or different names.

You're only one click away from the new template for your website or your client's website.

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to export your work that you created within Sparky into a new template package. It also shows how new template works seamlessly in another Joomla.




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