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HotThemes is developing premium Joomla templates and WordPress themes since 2009. We also published many accompanying software for these CMS platforms, such as modules, plugins, etc. Our team is growing constantly. We are looking for talented people who will join our team and help us to make awesome products.


If you are a talented person capable to design eye catching web sites, please apply. We will need to see at least 5 website designs that you designed. Live links to those websites are required. You should be experienced in Photoshop, Fireworks or Sketch. Since nobody can design something that s/he doesn't understand, fair knowledge of HTML and CSS is also required.


Experience in PHP/MySQL development as well as experience in working with Joomla or WordPress is required. You should understand native CMS code well and to be familiar with its framework in order to be able to develop native extensions. You job will be to code front-end and backend of our new products, fix discovered bugs and add new features to our existing products. Fair knowledge and understanding of JavaScript and jQuery is also required.


Experience in JavaScript and jQuery coding as well as experience in working with Joomla or WordPress is required. You should understand native CMS code well and to be familiar with its framework in order to be able to develop native extensions. You job will be to code front-end and backend of our new products using JavaScript and jQuery, fix discovered bugs and add new features to our existing products. Fair knowledge and understanding of PHP is also required.


If you have understand how search engines work in modern age, please apply. Your job will be to search for keywords that we should give us ideas how to optimize and optimize our websites onsite and offsite. Strong knowledge and experience in Google AdWords and Google Analytics is also required for this position.

Send your portfolio to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joomla web hosting based on cPanel is the best choice for any web site based on Joomla CMS. Save yourself of headaches caused by server settings that's not compatible with Joomla. Protect yourself of issues that you will have with file and folder permissions. You can have many other problems if your hosting is not 100% compatible with Joomla.

That's why it's highly recommended to stick with web hosting which is designed and configured to deliver the best performance for your Joomla site.

  • Ensure that your website based on our Joomla templates will work properly!
  • Do not buy the cheapest hosting because it could be unreliable. Quality of the hosting is crucial thing for success of any website.
  • With our hosting, your site based on our template will look and work the same way as on our demo.


Free Template Installation Included

Setup of your new Joomla web hosting is free of charge. If you registered your domain name (web site address) previously, it would be easy to set name servers to point to your new hosting account. If you don't have a domain name yet (this is address of your web site), you can order it altogether with your hosting account.

If you decide to order Joomla web hosting through HotThemes, you will get one free installation of our template on your new hosting account. Active club members can select any template from our selection and we will install it on the hosting. If you purchased a single template only, we will install this template on your new hosting account.

Joomla Web Hosting Plans

The hosting plans are crafted for all kinds of websites. There are plans with lower or higher limits. If your website outgrow these limits, you can always upgrade your hosting to a higher plan for free. Your site will be online all the time.

  • Hosting for single domain or unlimited number of domains
  • One click installs of Joomla and other popular software
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our Recommendation is RoseHosting.com:


If you still have questions about our hosting offer, please contact us for detailed information.

1. High Quality Products

On this site, you can find only the high quality Joomla templates and Joomla extensions.

Our templates can be customized easily. They are based on a clean and valid code and optimized for faster loading. Most importantly, they are designed to impress visitors of your website or your client's website(s). Our templates are designed and developed to work with clean Joomla! No hacking of core CMS code is required by our templates or framework. No installation of additional components is necessary for our templates. Therefore, our templates will not alter your Joomla environment or made it slower.

We do not copy the same template each month with minor modifications. Each template is unique and based on an unique design. Keeping the success of clients websites in mind, our templates are SEO friendly (optimized for search engines). All templates are tested and compatible with all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and compatible with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). Visitors of your website will have a great experience, no matter what browser or device they are using when accessing your website.


2. Top Notch Support

We reply every single question that is posted on our support forum or sent via support tickets. You can also contact us by Twitter (@hot_themes) or by Facebook. Easy updates, lifetime support and bug fixes are included with all our products. Buyers of our single templates will gain access of all future updates of the purchased templates for no additional fee. Subscribers will have access of all downloads during their subscription period.

We listen to your needs! Please send us some proposals based on your needs for our future templates. We will be pleased to consider all your recommendations!


3. Easy To Use

HotStart Installer (SQL Dump) is included with all templates. You just need to upload files to your host, run the installer and you would get a copy of our demo site in minutes. Almost every single aspect of our templates and extensions is parametrized. Switch any color, change layout, add or remove elements... Almost everything can be customized through the template parameters. The latter templates are based on the Sparky Framework. This is a framework that allows you to adjust your site even easier and faster.


4. Affordable

The most affordable option to buy our products is to join our Joomla template club. In this case, you are paying less than $1 per template! This means that you can get a professionally designed, CMS based website for price of a cup of coffee! On the other hand, if you have only one web site and you need only one template, you can buy this template only. In this case, you will gain free lifetime updates of your template. In the changing world of web design, this will keep your site up-to-date without additional cost.

Don't let our low prices fool you... Our products are great!


5. Well Established and Experienced

People behind the HotThemes brand are in this business for many years. HotThemes is in business since 2009. During all these years, we are focused in production of templates that are better each month. Our old templates are not forgotten and retired. They are also regularly refreshed with new features and updated with new Joomla versions. Thousands of our customers throughout the world, as well as the countless number of free downloads are a good indication that we are doing a good job! All these facts and numbers are also our inspiration to become even better in years to come!

This document will guide you how to install any HotThemes Joomla template onto your server. It will also describe some of the template's features and explain how to use the extensions included in the template package. However, it will not teach you Joomla or some basic web design techniques (see Assumptions part).

You don't like to read guides?

Well, you must read (at least) this:

  1. Unzip (unarchive) what you downloaded prior to using it!
  2. Don't install this Joomla template as you usually install templates. Make sure you follow HotStart instructions to install this template properly!
  3. You don't need to install Joomla prior to template installation! Joomla is included in the HotStart template installation.

This document has been written for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 (the process is the same for both versions).


1) Assumptions

You know Joomla!

This document will not teach you how to use Joomla and it's assumed that you have a fair knowledge of this matter. You may read official Joomla! documentation here: http://docs.joomla.org or find some nice books about Joomla! here: http://shop.joomla.org/

You know how to unpack (unzip) the archive

It's assumed that you know what's ZIP and how to unzip the archive you downloaded.

You know how to use a FTP program

It's assumed that you know what's FTP and how to use it. You can use any FTP program to upload files onto the server, however, we strongly recommend FileZilla. We found it as a stable and reliable software. It can be downloaded for all platforms for free here: http://filezilla-project.org

Use only plain text editors

If you need to edit a file that's a part of our templates or extensions, please use only plain type text editors. On Windows, you can use Notepad (and you must not use WordPad or MS Word). On Mac, you can use TextEdit, but make sure it works in Plain Text Mode (TextEdit > Preferences > New Document > Plain Text).

You have a Joomla compatible hosting account

It's assumed that you have an hosting account that's compatible with Joomla. Check technical requirements of Joomla and make sure your host meets them: http://www.joomla.org/technical-requirements.html. If you don't have an hosting account yet, we recommend HostGator's Linux packages because they're reliable and 100% Joomla compatible.


2) I installed template in my Joomla, but it's not like demo

This is the most common error! You can not install template through Joomla!

Please read HotStart Installation section of this document to install the template properly!

You should not install Joomla prior to template installation! If you want to copy demo data that comes with the template, please follow HotStart Installation instructions instead. This method contains a new Joomla installation. This is the only way to copy demo data!

If you have a live site that already contains data, you may insist not to install a new Joomla. But you can't copy demo data in this case (it would overwrite your site's data) and you must setup everything manually. Please read how to change Joomla template on existing website.


3) HotStart Installation

You have purchased this product (most likely) because you were impressed with our demo! Now, you expect to see that same on your server. This is possible if you install template using HotStart installation method.

Once you finish this installation method, you should get exactly the same copy of the template demo site on your server. Let's start!

Step 1 - Unpacking (unzip)

directory treeDownload the archive hot-templatename_jXX_unzip_first.zip from our server. Unzip it on your computer. It contains several files. One of the files is hot_templatenameXX_hotstart.zip. Create a separate folder on your computer and unzip hot-templatenameXX_hotstart.zip there. The unpacking may take several minutes. If you did it well, you would see several folders and files (see image).

All these files and folders actually represent a Joomla installation package. It's modified to copy our demo data instead of default Joomla demo data.

Step 2 - Uploading files

Using the FTP program (such as free FileZilla - http://filezilla-project.org) upload all files and folders (that you unpacked in the previous step) to your hosting space. There are many files (several thousands), so it may take some time, depending of your upload connection speed.

ftp uploading

The left pane of your FTP program represents the folder on your computer where you unpacked hot_templatenameXX_hotstart.zip archive. The right pane represents a folder on your web hosting space. If you'd like to install template in the root site folder (to see it when you go to www.yoursite.com), make sure you're uploading files into site's root folder. To find out what's site's root folder of your hosting space, consult your hosting provider.

At the end of uploading process, your left and right pane must contains the same files and folders. Make sure there are no files in the "Failed Transfers" pane (bottom). If there are some files, upload them again.

Step 3 - Check permissions

If your host is based on cPanel, your permissions are probably OK after upload. However, if your hosting is not based on cPanel, we must make sure that your web server can access the files you uploaded. This is very important, otherwise you will have problems during installation or later.

Make sure the folder where you uploaded files is readable by server (all folders should have permissions set to 755, and all files should have permissions set to 644). You can check this in the "Permissions" column (the right pane) in FileZilla.

If the permissions are not correct, you must change them! Select all the files and folders (in the right pane), right-click and select File permissions...

ftp permissions

Enter 755 in the field "Numeric value". Select "Recurse into subdirectories" option and select "Apply to directories only". Click OK and FileZilla will change permissions of all folders. It may take several minutes.

Now, repeat the procedure for the files. Select all the files and folders (in the right pane) again, right-click and select File permissions... Enter 644 in the field "Numeric value". Select "Recurse into subdirectories" option and select "Apply to files only". Click OK and FileZilla will change permissions of all files. It may take several minutes.

Make sure once again that all files and folders have correct permissions. Look at the permissions column. Browse the folders (such as "administrator", "components"...) and make sure that files and folders inside them also have the correct permissions set (755 for folders, 644 for files).

If you can't change the permissions, maybe it's not allowed by your hosting provider. Ask your hosting provider to change permissions of the uploaded files and folders for you.

Step 4 - Prepare MySQL database

Your hosting account must have at least one MySQL database included. You should know connection parameters of the database. The connection parameters are:

  1. Database Host (usually it's "localhost" or IP address or address)
  2. Database Name (this is the name of your database)
  3. Database User Name (this is the name of user that connects to the database)
  4. Database Password (this is the password of user that connects to the database)

You will get these parameters when you create database on your host. If you don't have those MySQL connection parameters or don't know how to create database, please consult your hosting provider.

Step 5 – Starting Joomla installation

In case that you uploaded the HotStart files in the root folder of your hosting space, in browser go to http://www.your-site-address.com/index.php (change your-site-address.com with your site address.

If you uploaded the HotStart files into a subfolder of your hosting space, you should go to http://www.your-site-address.com/subfolder/index.php (change subfolder with folder name where you uploaded files.

Starting Joomla installation

If you see this screen on your browser, you're good to proceed.

The first screen allows you to select language for the installation procedure only. On this screen, you should enter your site name, your email, Joomla administrator's username and password. Click NEXT to continue.

If you got 404 error (page not found), you probably missed the root folder. Root folder of your web hosting space are usually named as "public_html" or "html". But it can be anything else. Contact your hosting provider and ask where is your site's root folder, if you are unsure.

Step 6 - MySQL connection

You should enter MySQL database connection parameters (that you prepared in Step 4) now. Enter your Database's Host Name, Username, Password and Database Name into the fields.

You can leave the Table Prefix field unchanged as it is selected randomly. Click NEXT.

MySQL Connection

If you got an error message, please check database parameters. It's important to enter them correctly. Hostname is address of your MySQL server (can be localhost, IP address...). Database Name is the name of your database. Username is the name of the user that connects to the database (don't mix it with database name). Password is a secret word that User uses to connect to the database. If you don't know correct parameters, please contact your hosting provider.

Step 7 – Select demo data

On this screen, you can select what sample data pack to install. Make sure you selected option SELECT THIS FOR HOTSTART. Otherwise, demo data that comes with our template will not be installed

The installer checks your server to find out if it's compatible with Joomla. If all items are green, you can click NEXT. Even if some items are marked red in the bottom part (under Pre-installation Check and Recommended Settings), you can continue, but problems after installation are possible in this case. If you see any parts marked red, please contact your hosting provider to resolve the problem.

Select Demo Data

Step 8 - Wait until the installation script works...

It make take from several seconds to several minutes until the installation script complete installation. It depends of template and of speed of your server. Please be patient...

Wait Until Installation Script Works...

If installation is stuck after 5 minutes or more, it's probably failed to complete. You should try again with different browser. Before that, delete "configuration.php" file from the root folder of your site using FTP program.

Step 9 - Removing the installation folder

Installation completed

Congratulations, Joomla is now installed! However, there's one more small step. The last screen of the Joomla installation informs you that you should delete Installation folder from your web hosting space to complete the installation. You can do it by clicking the Remove Installation Folder button on this screen. After clicking this button, you should get a confirmation message "Installation folder successfully removed",

Remove installation folder

On some servers, it's not possible to delete the installation folder this way. If that's your case, go back to FTP program and delete it manually. In FileZilla, select "installation" folder, right-click and select Delete. This is probably caused by wrong permissions on your web server. It's possible that you will have other issues with this installation until you fix the permissions.

joomla standard installation


4) Basic Template Installation (no demo data)

If you are about to start a new website, it's strongly recommended to use the HotStart method explained in previous chapter.

The Basic Installation method assumes that you don't need our demo data. Keep in mind, after this installation, your site will not look the same as our demo server! The only reason to install template using this method, and not the HotStart method, is to keep data that you already have on the site. But in this case, after template installation, you must setup many things manually. Please read this blog post for details about changing template on an existing website: change Joomla template on existing website.

Step 1 - Determine your Joomla version

Make sure you know what's your Joomla version. You can check this in the top right corner or in the footer of your Joomla administrator's panel. The first two numbers are important, so your Joomla version can be 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x, 3.x.x and so on. The x is not important here and can be any value.

Some Joomla versions may be discontinued during time. This means they are not supported anymore by the Joomla community. From our site, you can download template for current (latest) Joomla version. If you are using a Joomla version that's discontinued, you should upgrade it as soon as possible for security reasons! Do it before the template installation!

Step 2 – Download and unzip the correct template archive

If your Joomla version is 2.5, you should download archive "hot_templatename_j25_unzip_first.zip", if it is 3.4, you should download archive "hot_templatename_j3x_unzip_first.zip", and so on...

Don't try to install this file! As its name suggests, you should unzip it first!

When you unzip this archive, you will have several files. The file you should use for the Basic Template Installation is named as "hot_templatenameXX.zip". In the name, XX represents the first two numbers of the Joomla version. This template should be installed only in this version of Joomla.

Step 3 – Check Joomla permissions

Make sure all folders of your Joomla have permissions set to 755. You can check this from FTP program and if you go to Site > System Information > Directory Permissions. All directories listed here must have status "writable".

Step 4 - Upload template through Joomla Administrator panel

In Joomla Administrator's panel, go to Extensions > Extensions Manager. Click "Choose File" button and select file "hot_templatenameXX.zip" from your computer. Click "Upload & Install" button.

Standard template installation

If everything went well, you would see the confirmation about template installation on the next screen.

Standard template installation confirmation message

Step 5 - Change default template

After template installation, go to Extensions > Template Manager. You will see the new template in the list of available templates. To make this template default, click on its star in the Default row.

Change default template

Step 6 – The result is different than what you've seen on our Demo?

Yes, this is true! Since you installed template only, the demo data have not been installed. Most likely, your site looks messy now. You need less or more work to make it look properly.

So, if you need template with Demo data, please complete HotStart Installation. Step-by-step instructions are in the HotStart chapter of this document.


5) Template Parameters

Our templates are highly customizable. Some templates allows you to change layout, colors, font, widths, and so on.

To reach the Template Parameters page, in your Joomla administrator's panel, go to Extensions > Template Manager. You see the list of all available templates. Click on the template's name to open the Templates: Edit Style page where you can set various parameters of the template.

template parameters

Different templates have different parameters. We will not explain individual parameters here, because there are hundreds of them for various templates. You can guess the parameter's purpose yourself from its name. Also, you can see the explanation of each parameter when you move mouse pointer over the parameter's name.

If you are using an older template, before Sparky Framework, your Template Parameters page looks like this:

template parameters

If you are using a newer template based on the Sparky Framework, your Template Parameters page looks like this:

template parameters sparky

Pre-defined and Custom Color Styles

The templates usually come with several pre-defined color styles. The color style can be selected in the Edit Style page, in Template Layout tab. Please keep in mind, if any pre-defined color scheme has been selected, then whatever you entered in the parameters below would be disregarded (however, you selection would be saved). To use your own template parameters, you must select Custom Style in Template Layout tab to activate your custom parameters.

If you want to keep most of the settings of (in example) Style 3, and change only a couple of them, then you can edit the pre-defined style's file using a plain text editor. Open file <joomla root>/templates/hot-templatename/styles/style3.php. You will see all the parameters in the textual format. In example, to change value for body text, you edit this line:

$bodyText = "#555555";

Here, you can edit a color's hex number (555555), but you must not change anything else (special characters), otherwise you can get a server error message.

Different Parameters on Different Pages

If you want a parameter with different values on the Page A and the Page B, then you can use multiple template styles (new feature from Joomla 1.6).

After template installation, you have only one template style in Template Manager. It's named as hot_templatename - Default. If this template is marked as default site template, then all site's pages will be shown using this template and parameters.

You can make a copy of the Default style in the Template Manager page (select it and click "Duplicate") or in the Edit Style page (click "Save as Copy"). Now, you have two styles of the same template, but only one can be marked as default (notice the star in the Default column!). It's now possible to edit the parameters of the second (copied) template style independently of the default style. Finally, using Menus Assignment section, it's possible to assign this template style to the certain pages (menu items). Those pages will be rendered using the duplicated style, while all the rest pages will be rendered using the default style.

Using Different Pre-defined Styles on the Site

Create a template style duplicate, as explained above. In the default style, in Template Layout tab, select (in example) Style 1. In the duplicated style, select (in example) Style 2 and select pages (menu items) where to use this style (under Menus Assignment).


6) Module Positions

Module positions are place holders for your Joomla modules. If you install template using HotStart method, all modules will be pre-installed and placed in the appropriate module positions. If you didn't use the HotStart installation, then you must setup all the modules yourself and select appropriate module position for each module.

Each template demo contains several dozens of module positions. We prepared a graphically presented "map" of all available module positions for this template. To find this "map" for your template, go to this link and select the template by its name. The image with module positions map for this template will be opened.


7) Typography

Typography determines what fonts will be used on your site. Templates come with different typography aspects, depending of the overall template style.

You would need to use different font styles for headings, subheadings, paragraphs, lists, quotes and so on. However, all those font styles should be in harmonic relations. The art of typography starts there!

Our templates come with pre-defined font styles for most commonly used elements of text. Furthermore, there are some additional font styles that you may find useful for your site. To see how all text styles available in a specific template, please visit our demo server (http://demo.hotjoomlatemplates.com) and select your template. Then select the Typography link from the menu. The Typography page will show you all text styles available in this template as well as how to implement them on your text.

Of course, you will need some HTML/CSS knowledge to create text elements (paragraphs, lists, block-quotes...) and apply style to them.

The scope of this manual is not to teach you HTML and CSS. You may find so many books and video tutorials about HTML/CSS on the Internet. It's assumed that you know a little bit of HTML and CSS. If you know how to create HTML elements (paragraphs, headings, lists...) and how to apply styles to the elements, you are experienced enough to read and understand the Typography page mentioned above.

If you are club member or purchased a template or an extension from us, here's what you have to do to access your downloads:

  1. Please visit our commercial downloads site
  2. Login with your email and password.
  3. Click on the Downloads link.
  4. If your subscription or order is paid and active (green color), click the Available Downloads button.
  5. Download any template or extension by clicking on its name.


What's difference between single template/extension order and membership plan?

  1. With single template/extensions order, you are paying for one template/extension. After download, you can use it forever. You will be able to download updates for this template/extension forever.
  2. With membership plan, you will be able to download all our templates/extensions. After download, you can use them forever. You will be able to download updates for this extension during your membership period only.

If I subscribe, will you charge my credit card or Paypal account automatically when subscription period is over?

No. You will just receive emails informing you when your subscription period is over.

On how many domains can I install template that I bought?

You can install all our templates and extensions on unlimited number of domains. However, we can offer support only for limited number of domains. Details are in the membership plans table here.

Do you offer refunds after order has been placed?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded! We honor all refund requests. If you are not happy then it's our fault, so please contact us to get your refund. No questions asked!

What's PSD file? Do I need it?

You might find it useful in several occasions, but only if you use Adobe Photoshop or compatible software. Detailed info here.

I need to remove the copyright notice and/or rebrand your product. Is it possible?

Yes, since all our products are licensed under GPL license, you can remove the copyright notices and/or rebrand them. You can do it by either editing Copyright module or editing file /templates/templatename/library/c.php

I paid template / extension / membership. How to download?

To download our templates and extensions, please do the following:

  1. Go to Client Area and login with your email and password.
  2. Click on the Downloads button (top menu).
  3. If your Product/Service is active (marked green), click on its name.
  4. Click Downloads button (left menu).
  5. Download template or extension by clicking Download button under file name.


Template installed on my server, but it's different than on your server.

  1. Make sure you used HotStart installation method, not standard template installation. Details about HotStart installation method are here and also in the documentation PDF file.
  2. You can't install HotStart over existing Joomla site. HotStart is a new Joomla installation.

Template installed and home page looks good, but I get error when I click any link.

You probably have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) links enabled, but not configured properly.

  1. Using your FTP program, rename file htaccess.txt (you'll find it in Joomla root folder) to .htaccess
  2. Check your site now. If it still doesn't work, you can consult your hosting provider for correct .htaccess file for your server. Also, you can disable SEF links in Joomla administration panel (Global configuration).

How to change the page title (in the browser bar).

Please change it by editing default menu item. You will find it under the System tab. More info

How to change template's logo image?

  1. You should upload new logo image in folder /templates/hot_templatename/images. Name of the image should be logo.png or similar depending of template. Dimensions of the image (width and height) should be the same as dimensions of the original logo image.
  2. If you need to change code of logo container (dimensions, padding...), you can do this by editing Logo module (in Module Manager), or, if it's not available, by editing template's index.php file. More info

How do I edit company text in the copyright notice?

You can do it by either editing Copyright module or editing file /templates/templatename/library/c.php

I got error message "Error! Could not find an XML setup file".

The template archive that you downloaded contains several files. There are template archive, HotStart archive, source files, extensions files and documentation. As its name says, you should unzip the file you downloaded first. Details about unzipping are here. After unzipping, please read about template installation here.

After standard template installation, the top menu looks broken.

  1. If you have template with drop-down menu, please read this tutorial.
  2. If you have template with mega menu, please read this tutorial.

Here's is the list of some of the most common features of all our templates. No matter if you bought single template license or you joined club, all templates that you download from this site will have these features.


Tableless CSS W3C compliant

Joomla Templates are 100% CSS based, tableless and developed per W3C standards, XHTML and CSS compliant.

Adjustable Template Colors

With each template, you can use pre-defined color schemes or create your color schemes per your taste or company requirements. It's easily done through template's parameters panel. You can change almost all colors, including backgrounds, elements and text colors.

Width(s) Adjustable

Depending on your preference, you can easily change overall template width and/or left and right column widths. It's easily done through template's parameters panel.

SEO Enabled

Heading tags H1 and H2 are important because Google spiders look for them when indexing your page. Joomla itself doesn't put headings inside H1 and H2 tags. With our templates, it does! Joomla core files are not hacked.

HotStart SQL Dump

Need to make mirror copies of our template demo sites on your server? It's easily done using HotStart installation files included with each template. Then you just change text and images through Joomla and your website is ready in minutes!

Cross-browser Support

Our templates and extensions are optimized to work with all major modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.

PSD Source Available

Photoshop source file (layered PSD) is included with each template.


These are just some of the features included with our templates. There are many other template specific features, but to find out more about them, please go to the Details pages.

Joomla Software: Templates for Joomla, Joomla modules and plugins

joomla softwareHot Joomla Template Club has been founded on September 2009. On this page, we will summarize all Joomla software that we have done so far. We believe this list will encourage you to become our member because it represents all Joomla downloads that you get with membership, plus all new during your Joomla Template Club membership.

We develop Joomla templates, Joomla modules and Joomla plugins. We also have collection of free joomla extensions available for download.

If you join us now, you will get an instant access to all Joomla software listed below.


Templates for Joomla

templates for joomlaThe first list in the serie will present the latest Joomla templates designed and developed by our team:

The last four templates for Joomla from this list, have been developed in 2009.

  • HOT Mobility is Joomla iPhone template has separate layouts for regular and mobile browsers, so it's 100% compatible with iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • HOT Skies is inspired by sky, but have other themes incorporated. We recommend it for blogs.
  • HOT Fireworks has dark theme inspired by fireworks.
  • Simple Joomla template HOT It Starts is our first simple Joomla 1.5 template with nice simple design.


VirtueMart Templates

virtuemart templatesFor Joomla sites that need e-commerce facilities, we recommend our VirtueMart templates. Beside classic features available in any of our templates, they are equiped with customized VirtueMart design.

  • HOT Cosmetics is Joomla/VirtueMart template for e-commerce sites that sell cosmetics and similar products.
  • HOT Fashion Store is another Joomla fashion template with VirtueMart support.
  • HOT Furniture Store is Joomla template and VirtueMart template, perfect for Joomla e-commerce websites. Nice and modern design.
  • Joomla eCommerce Template - HOT eCommerce is clean Joomla and VirtueMart template with clean design totally focused on products.


Joomla Software: Modules and Plugins

joomla extensionsJoomla extensions is common name for Joomla modules, plugins and components. They are the true power of any Joomla site! Thousands of extension available helps you to develop Joomla site in faster. Our club members currently have exclusive access to 6 pieces of Joomla software, while everybody else can try our free Joomla software. We offer 5 Joomla downloads for free. The list is growing fast!

  • HOT Maps are pack that contains Joomla Google Maps plugin and module.
  • HOT Spinner is module powered by jQuery that rotates images in 3D style.
  • HOT Accordion is Joomla accordion module that shows several slides with text and images, one above the other.
  • HOT Joomla Carousel Pro: In addition to the image rotation mode, we've added an option for the rotation of articles that module can take over from sections or categories of your Joomla site.
  • HOT Effects Rotator - Joomla Slideshow: Perfect for Joomla banner. Nine transition effects. Easy to setup and use.
  • Joomla Lightbox: Joomla Slideshow module that allows you to include series of images on web pages from any directory with images on your server.
  • Joomla Scroller: A simple module that shows Joomla articles in a form of Joomla Newsticker.
  • Joomla Gallery: All you need to make the Joomla Gallery of images directly in the content pages of your Joomla site.
  • HOT Designation: This Joomla rotating news module allows webmasters to add content into the module easily and efficently, not to catch existing articles.

Free Joomla Software

  • HOT Image Slider: Fully configurable, simple image rotator, based on jQuery.
  • HOT Newsflash: Do you need some articles of your website to stand out of the others?
  • HOT Joomla Gallery: Fully configurable, Joomla gallery module, based on jQuery.
  • Joomla Weather: Help you informing your visitors about weather conditions for the selected city.
  • HOT Joomla Carousel: Need to display your images as a carousel? Easily done with our new Joomla extension!

To serve you better, we have installed a new system for downloads and club subscriptions management on September 8th, 2010. All existing Club members (Silver, Gold and Platinum) will recieve access to the new system.

In order to get access to the new system, please contact us and copy your invoice (or just 10-digits invoice number).

  • We will review and approve your enquiry within 24h.
  • Forum access info will not be changed and you can use your old forum account.


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