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WordPress Plugins That Enhance Your Site

WordPress plugins are used to extend features of your site. The plugins are usually the companions of our themes allowing them to have some unique, interactive and specific functions. Our plugins work with our themes, but also with those made by other providers. All products listed on this page are premium plugins for WordPress, but we also have some free plugins that you can download from our site or install through WordPress repository as usually.

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Responsive Carousel WordPress Plugin

Hot Full CarouselHot Full Carousel is responsive carousel for WordPress. Actually, it can work in old-fashion fixed width mode, but it's also possible to enable responsive mode. Development of responsive websites is not an option anymore, it's a requirement.

Hot Flashes Menu - WordPress Menu Slideshow

Hot Flashes MenuHot Flashes Menu combines slideshow of images with WordPress menu. Animations based on JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery are future of the web design. They will probably replace Flash based animations completely.

WordPress Lightbox Plugin - Hot Lightbox

WordPress Lightbox pluginHot Lightbox is Lightbox plugin for WordPress that converts images from any folder on your server into the interactive slide show presentation. The plugin will automatically create thumbnails from your images and store them on your server, as per given parameters.

The plugin automatically creates thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subfolder.

WordPress Google Maps Plugin - Hot Maps

WordPress Google MapsWordPress Google Maps plugin will help you to integrate maps from the mega-popular Google's service to your WordPress site in an easy way. With this plugin activated, you would not need to copy/paste code the code snippets from Google, but just to select your location and enter dimensions of your map in pixels. Selection of any location worldwide is as simple as on Google Maps main site: You just enter keywords (i.e. Copacabana Rio) or street address and that's it!

Hot Designation WordPress News Rotator

WordPress rotating newsHot Designation plugin for WordPress is an attractive way to show some breaking or the most important news on your WordPress site. We used it on several of our themes, in example Hot Destinations (demo) or Hot Design Now (demo). On one side of the widget, there are a big picture and control buttons, and on another side, there are heading, text, read more link and a small image. The plugin is very configurable and insertion of content is very easy.

WordPress Scroller - Hot Scroller Plugin

WordPress scrollerThis is the perfect plugin if you need to include a WordPress News Ticker on your site. It's useful for any kind of news portal based on WordPress. You can include any pages or posts of your WordPress site, selecting them by categories, tags or selecting single posts by entering their IDs.

Hot Spinner - WordPress 3D Image Rotator

WordPress 3D image rotatorHOT Spinner is WordPress plugin that rotates images around a circle in 3D. In the center of the circle, there's an info box that shows relevant content for each image in the rotation. You can also control rotation with mouse moves. This Flash-like software is 100% based on jQuery (no Flash needed). You can enter content for the widget into ten available "content slots". Each slot allows you to select rotating and static images.

Hot WordPress Carousel Pro - Pages/Posts Rotator

WordPress Articles RotatorHot WordPress Carousel Pro is advanced version of our free plugin that comes with several useful enhancements. First of all, beside images, it can also rotate your WordPress pages and posts. You can select content that will be included in the carousel by WordPress category, by tag or you can pick posts by entering their ID numbers.

WordPress Accordion Plugin - Hot Accordion

WordPress accordion pluginHot Accordion is WordPress accordion plugin that shows several slides with text and images, one above the other, allowing users to browse through the slides on mouse over or on mouse click. It's an attractive way to show the most important messages or breaking news on the home page of your WordPress website.

Hot Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Hot Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPressHOT Photo Gallery Plugin helps you to make Photo Galleries of images directly in the pages or posts of your WordPress site! This plugin creates thumbnail images and slide show automatically from collection of photos uploaded in a folder on your server.

Make slide shows in Wordpress pages or posts instantly!

WordPress Slideshow Plugin - Hot Effects Rotator

wordpress slideshow pluginOur first commercial plugin is WordPress slideshow plugin - Hot Effects Rotator. We name it like that because it rotates images and can use one (or combination) of nine transition effects available. This slideshow plugin is powered by jQuery. There are plenty of options available in the widget options page.