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Joomla Templates by HotThemes are premium products based on unique designs. They will make your Joomla site looking like big player's sites. We also have VirtueMart templates if you are about to create an e-commerce site. Subscription for our Joomla template club will enable you with a full download access of all our Joomla templates and extensions. Also, you can try some of our free Joomla templates.


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Multipurpose Joomla Template

This template is specific mostly because of this reason: It's the first template based on our brand new Sparky Framework 2.0.

Joomla Law Agency Template

This time we decided to dedicate template demo to a fictional company of lawyers (law agency) named as an old heavy metal hit of Metallica.

Joomla Portfolio Template

Hot CV can be used for company's business website, but it's also suitable for freelancers to show their works to the potential clients.

Beer Template

The Cold Beer is the first cold template by HotThemes. :) Anyway, it's responsive, modern and absolutely beautiful.

Responsive Fitness Template

Hot Fitness is a responsive Joomla template suitable for fitness studios, gyms, and websites for similar purposes.

Responsive Golf Template

Hot Golf is a responsive template based on an interesting design inspired by golf. Lead by modern principles of responsive web design, we tried to use all available screen space on higher resolutions and to keep things simple in lower resolutions (for mobiles).

Joomla Hostel Template

This template can be used for development of websites for both hotels and hostels. This is the first time we supported a free reservation component in our template. With this template, you get a useful reservation system for your site.

Joomla Cleaning Template

Hot Cleaning is responsive Joomla template for business websites specialized for the cleaning services. This is another template based on the Sparky Framework, powered by HTML5 and CSS3 features and also equipped with 3 new Joomla modules.

Rain Video Background Template

Hot Rain is the first template from the HotThemes collection that supports video background. This is a long page responsive multipurpose Joomla template.

Joomla Shoes Template

Hot Shoes is responsive Joomla template powered by VirtueMart e-commerce component. As its name says, it's primarily developed for selling shoes and accessories online.

Corporate Template

Hot Corporate is responsive template for Joomla based on a clean and professional design. This template comes with our new responsive Joomla module, Hot Slicebox.

Politics Template

Politics is responsive Joomla template can be used for development of websites for political parties. It's based on a clean design and can also be used for business or corporate websites.

News Portal Template

The main purpose of the news portals is to show many information from different fields, in example politics, sport, entertainment, technology, arts, etc.

Joomla App Template

Hot App is responsive Joomla template for (but not limited to) application developers. For small investment of money and time, it allows app developers to create a nice and responsive website based on Joomla.

Blocks Responsive Template

Hot Blocks is responsive Joomla template powered by jQuery mobile and masonry scripts and various HotThemes extensions.

Joomla Education Template

Hot Academy template can be used for development of Joomla site for any kind of educational institution including universities, academies, elementary and high schools, etc.

Full Screen Template

These days when we use at least HD resolution (1920 pixels wide or more), websites based on regular width of about 960 pixels looks somehow small. Here comes our full screen template, Hot Bokeh.

Music Band Template

This is responsive Joomla template for websites for music bands. It probably has all features that every music band website should have.

Hot Clinic

Every clinic should enable the potential patients to find it easily on the Internet. The clinic's website should present the clinic's services well, keep the existing patients up to date, and allow fast and easy scheduling of an appointment.


Hot comes with demo images suitable for religious communities. However, it's a responsive template based on the Sparky Framework that can be used for any kind of websites (neutral design).

Kindergarten template

This is a funny KinderGarten template filled with graphics and CSS3 animations appropriate for kindergartens and similar subjects that offer baby-sitting services.

Hot Explorer

The holiday season is approaching. Perhaps it's the right time for exploration of the travel agencies websites. This is where people are looking for a perfect place for their next summer hideaway.

Hot Watches

Hot Watches is responsive e-commerce Joomla template (powered by VirtueMart) for online stores that sell watches or any other kind of products that you can think of.

Hot Responsive Portfolio

The main advantage of the responsive design approach is dynamically adjusted elements, depending of the users screen space and platform (desktop or mobile). We prepared a responsive template for your portfolio.

Joomla tennis template

There are many clubs throughout the world where people can train or play tennis. Those clubs usually earn money of renting the tennis courts and equipment. As every other businesses, the tennis clubs need websites.

Food Spirit

Hot Food Spirit is template designed for restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, cafes and similar objects. It has a more complex design with very strong backgrounds. Although everything is only on one page, we designed each of the page sections differently.

Joomla One Page Template

New trend in web design are one-page websites. Usually they are smaller sites, but even complex websites can be built only on one page. No loading of additional pages and no waiting after each click. When viewing such websites, user actually have feeling he's working on an application loaded in his browser rather that classic surfing the web.

Hot Gaming Zone

Our first steps into the magical world of computers are usually made because of some breathtaking video games. Nowadays, the industry of video games is as valuable as the movie industry.

Joomla Bookstore Template

Selling books online is one of the oldest online business activity. Just remember the time when Amazon or Barns and Noble were starting their businesses. They were selling just books.

Hot Cinema

Hot Cinema has been dedicated to the movie lovers. We all love to watch movies, don't we? In the cinemas or at our homes, wherever you prefer. Enjoyment is guaranteed if the movie you watch is good.

Joomla Pharmacy Template

We filled the online store with pharmaceutical products, such as drugs, preparations and medical devices. Those products are often sold online and there are many websites that's primary business is to sell products that improve health.

Joomla Wedding Template

Beside our memories, this important day should be saved on video clips and photographies, so we can refresh our memories after years and decades. There's no better way to "collect" everything in one place than making a website about your wedding.

Responsive Joomla Template

We are browsing websites on big monitors in our offices, on smaller monitors on our home laptops or tablets, and even on our smartphones when we are away from home. Hot Responsive looks good on all those devices!

Joomla Sailing Template

You can use this template to present your summer resort, cruise ship, yacht... Maybe to show your equipment for summer sports or massage on the beach. Maybe even your dream hotel on the beach, restaurant or beach bar with delicious cocktails.

Joomla Wine Template

If you are a producer or trader of any kind of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, brandy, whiskey or non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juices, sodas or energetic beverages, this template is a good choice!

Clean Joomla Template

Hot Blankie is a clean Joomla template. It's a neutral template that can be used for development of all kinds of websites. This template has been developed with Sparky Framework.

Joomla Business Template

The company website is a must for all kinds of businesses today! No matter what your company is doing, the potential company's clients will most likely try to find more information about the company's business online.

Joomla Hotel Template

Before you place your reservation, you should choose a hotel that will make your stay in the strange environment as pleasent as possible. What will help you to make the right decision? The hotel's website of course!

Joomla Model Agency Template with K2 Support

This is the first template in our collection with full K2 support. We designed this template primarily for use on the Joomla model agency websites. Therefore, in this specific case, K2 component is used to show profiles of the models.

Joomla Flashes Template

The idea was to combine the Joomla menu with images slideshow in order to make a flash-like website. As Joomla and Adobe Flash are not from the same countyard, the solution is based on jQuery.

Joomla Betting Template

This template can be a powerful tool for all webmasters who are about to create a website about Sports BettingCasino and Poker. Also, can be used for web portals about sport.

Joomla Hosting Template

Starting a web hosting company is extremely complex. With this template, we will try to make this process easier. Also, if anybody decided to earn some money as an affiliate of any web hosting company, we believe this template will be helpful!

Joomla Events Template

Usually, we make websites that should last forever! There are also websites that are online only for a period of time.

Joomla Cosmetics Template

For the hot summer days, while you are looking for sunscreen sprays and lotions, we released another hot Joomla template with support for VirtueMart e-commerce component. Our fourth virtual store template is dedicated to the cosmetics web stores.

Joomla Travel Template

Hot Destinations Joomla travel template is perfect for travel agency websites. As its name implies, it puts the spotlight on destinations that clients may be interested to visit. They are displayed in different ways. The most attractive ones are in Hot Designation module.

Hot Chameleon Template

Web developers often need to create a site that doesn't have too much content, too much text or images. The content they got from client was short, but with clear messages. So, let's keep the content area clean! By adding an abstract background to the design, we will get a brilliant visual experience of the website we are developing.

Hot Vortex Template

This month's release is actually a collision of Hot Vortex - corporate business template which demo shows its usage for a company that sells software, Hot Spinner - our Joomla module rotates images around a 3D circle. Together, they work as a team. It won't be easy to adopt Hot Spinner with any design... On the other hand, Hot Vortex template without the Hot Spinner module is not so... so... You name it!

Joomla Fashion Template

Our third release for popular e-commerce component VirtueMart. This time, the theme is Joomla fashion store. Therefore, we "tailored" the template with modern strong backgrounds, in the forms of denim, leather and blue textile. The start page is simple and reduced: it's main purpose is just to welcome your visitor/buyer.

Joomla Wellness Template

Hot Wellness' target themes are healthy life, medicine and alternative medicine, healthy food and lifestyle. This template will be a great choice if you are about to create website that promotes a wellness center, massage studio, spa center, medical care center, or portal about healthy food and lifestyle. If you love curves more than rigid horizontal and vertical straight lines and boxes, get Hot Wellness!

Green Joomla Template

Hmmm... How should we name it? Leaves or Leafs? Leaves was correct, anyway... Welcome to the presentation of our new template: Hot Leafs! Let's call this template as 'environment friendly', but, of course, this is not an attribute suitable for a web template. Anyway, it could be a preferred attribute of your company. Many people are trying to find 'green Joomla template'.

Joomla Cars Template

Speed addicts, car lovers, Joomla fans... We got something "hot" for you! The Joomla Cars template Hot Cars is as beautiful and as fast as your 4-wheels pet! Moreover, it can change color theme in a second and use one of our four predefined styles. Also, it can have custom colors of your preference. Many other tunings are available. No need to visit your car service! Guaranteed!

Joomla eCommerce template

What's important for a site that sells something? Of course, to put what you sell in a striking position. Not to be swamped with graphics, but to allow visitors quick and easy shopping. Joomla eCommerce template - HOT eCommerce is exactly like that. Clean and fully customizable.

Joomla Design Template

If you are about to create a Joomla portal related to any design area, we recommend Hot DesignNow! Can be used for any other purpose. The most important thing is that you like its Design! So, if you do, get it now!

Joomla Sports Template

Hot Sportal template Joomla sports template, together with Joomla and several Joomla extensions from the template package, is a perfect combination for your Sport news portal, or any other kind of Joomla news portal.

VirtueMart Joomla Template Hot Furniture Store

This is our very first template with support for the popular e-commerce component VirtueMart. Inside the template package, you will find the VirtueMart template that you would use together with this Joomla template. Full VirtueMart compatibility of the HOT Furniture Store creates an unique style throughout your e-store.

Joomla Restaurant Template

What do you think about Hot Restaurant, the Joomla Restaurant template? Do you think it's delicious? Do you think it's hot? It's highly customizable, includes one bonus commercial extension and two free extensions integrated, five color schemes, many handy scripts... And yes, it's really iPhone compatible, where "really" means that it has separate version for mobiles!

Joomla Real Estate Template

Joomla Real Estate template suitable for real estate agents and companies. Photo gallery plugin ($15 value) will help you to create presentations of your real estates quickly. At the same time brand new Hot Joomla Carousel Pro module ($15 value) is perfect to show your featured properties in rotation on the home page. Finally, we integrated mortgage calculator and inquiry form in HotStart installation.

Joomla Portfolio Template

This Joomla template helps photographers and designers to build web site for their portfolio. Its design is clean and simple. The photos of your portfolio are dominant. The site front-end is designed to make best user experience for visitors of your portfolio or photo album. On the other hand, in the site back-end, it's easy to fill the site up with images. You only need to enter a folder where images are stored.

Joomla Cafe Template

Coffee companies today use term "Easy Serving Espresso" for new methods of making a delicious cup of espresso at home, with ease. With Joomla templates from, you can "prepare" your eye-catching website in less than hour. We can say, our templates are "Easy Serving Templates", and Hot Coffeine Joomla Cafe Template is one of them.

Joomla Music Template

We are excited to present new Joomla Music template - Hot Rockin'! We worked hard to make it as customizable as possible. As you can see, the backgrounds (if enabled) are pretty complex. However, this template still have the extraordinary feature that all our templates have: You can select ANY color.

Joomla Boutique Template

What's special in this Joomla Boutique template? The fact that you can change primary (in our example dark pink) and secondary (in our example light pink) template color in template parameters. Hot Boutique will accommodate even the background images with your color selection.

Joomla Architecture Template

We are fans of nice architecture design, so we dedicated this template to architects. Hot Architecture is Joomla Architecture Template. However, it's lightweight and very flexible you can adopt it easily for any other purpose via template parameters.

Ski sports, winter resorts

Welcome to the presentation of our new template: Hot Snowflake! Winter style of this template is ideal for presentation of Ski Sports products and winter resorts. However, it's highly customizable so you can use it for all other purposes as well.

Joomla Software Template

Hot Software is a lightweight Joomla template that lets you build your Joomla website easily and control your content pages quickly and efficiently. Its original purpose is to present products of the software companies, but since it's very flexible you can adopt it easily for any other purpose via template parameters.

Joomla iPhone Template

Browsing content-rich websites can be frustrating on iPhone and other mobile devices. Often, webmasters make a separate website, optimized for iPhone. With this Joomla template, you don't have to. iPhone version is available in this template. You update the main site, and your mobile site is updated automatically, at the same time. So, both sites are always synchronized.

Joomla Sky Template

We have been inspired by sky, clouds and sunset to design this Joomla template. Advanced programming techniques are used to make skies and sunsets backgrounds fit perfectly into the browser screen. In this template, we are introducing our new extension: Hot Weather!


The second commercial Joomla template from HotThemes. We are still brand-new template store,but we are growing.

Fireworks template is SEO friendly! It uses H1 and H2 instead of default Joomla heading tags. It comes with no one, no six, no ten, but UNLIMITED number of color schemes.

Simple Joomla Template

This is our first commercial Joomla template. We are brand-new template store, therefore our templates are not yet sold too many times. Grab them first for your or for your client's website.

Enjoy using this template!