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WordPress themes are professionally designed, with several predefined styles. Themes are very flexible and customizable. Each theme comes with suitable plugins and dozens of theme options in hotWP Panel. Our themes are more of just a theme - we deliver them as full WordPress installation (HotStart) altogether with all plugins and demo data. Therefore, with our themes you can make your site in matter of minutes!

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Model Agency Theme

Model Agency Theme

Hot Model Agency is a responsive WordPress theme suitable for showing profiles of female and male models, as well as other kinds of websites that requires presentation of people.

Responsive Hot Skies Theme

Responsive Hot Skies Theme

Responsive Hot Skies theme for WordPress is based on Bootstrap and compatible with Live Customizer. It comes in 8 color variants with different backgrounds.

Rain - Theme with Video Background

Theme with video background

This summer, we created a responsive WordPress theme with video background. This is the first theme with such a feature in our collection.

Wedding WordPress Theme

WordPress Wedding Theme

Many people consider the wedding day as one of the most important days in life. Nowadays, anything that's considered as important could be a reason for making a website.

Politics Responsive WordPress Theme

WordPress Politics Theme

There’s no better way to show the party’s political ideas and to meet potential voters than making an attractive responsive website, usable on all devices that have Internet access.

Hot Corporate Responsive WordPress Theme

WordPress Corporate Theme

Hot Corporate is responsive theme for WordPress based on a clean and professional design. This theme is equipped with our new responsive WordPress plugin, Hot Slicebox.

Hot App - Theme for Applications

WordPress App Theme

If you prefer WordPress for your CMS, Hot App theme could help you to develop a modern responsive website for the application you developed.

Academy - WordPress Education Theme

WordPress Education Theme

Hot Academy is responsive WordPress theme that can be used for development of all kinds of educational websites. With slight changes, this theme could be used for any other kind of website.

Responsive Portfolio Theme

Responsive Portfolio WordPress theme

Hot Responsive Portfolio is another responsive WordPress theme based on the Masonry script. This script arrange posts automatically on the page, depending of the available screen space.

Bokeh - Theme In Full Screen

Full Screen Theme

This theme is specific mostly for one reason – it occupies full screen space regardless how the screen is big (or small). Maintaining the design throughout all screen sizes are not easily achievable, but Hot Bokeh has been designed with this feature in mind.

Kindergarten Theme for WordPress

Kindergarten WordPress theme

Kindergarten theme has an intro page developed completely in CSS3. The intro page shows a drawing of a kindergarten with kids playing with balloons, drawing rainbow and with animated flying bees.

Medical WordPress Theme - Hot Clinic

Medical WordPress theme

This is a theme for medical websites. You can use it as a solid starting point for development of responsive WordPress sites related to medicine, medical services, healthy life and all related subjects.

WordPress Church Theme

WordPress Church Theme

We are dedicating this month's WordPress theme to all churches and religious communities, no matter what religion they propagate.

Hot Explorer Theme For WordPress

Hot Explorer Theme

Hot Explorer theme is a good choice for development of WordPress based websites for travel agency, hotel, touristic destination or even different kind of business websites. This is responsive theme which looks good on all screens (including mobiles) and it's full of features and add-ons.

WordPress One Page Theme

WordPress One Page Theme

Hot One Page theme for WordPress uses popular "one-page" approach where all content is located in one long page. When user clicks any of the menu items, the site doesn't open another page, but scrolls to the selected part of the single long page.

Clean WordPress Theme - Blankie

Clean WordPress Theme Blankie

This is a clean WordPress theme enabled with responsive behavior. It comes in 5 differently colored styles, and includes two commercial plugins and dozens of shortcodes which will help you to create your content pages easier.

WordPress Hosting Theme - Hot Host

Hot Host WordPress

For companies that are selling web hosting and domain registration services, it’s crucial to have a professionally developed website where they can advertise various hosting packages they’re about to sell.

WordPress Wine Theme

Hot Wine WordPress

Hot Wine puts the product's package in focus. In these case, that's bottles. Using Hot WordPress Carousel Pro (in image mode) that's included with this theme, we rotate the images of the product bottles and link them to the separate product pages.

WordPress Responsive Theme

Hot Responsive WordPress

Hot Responsive is a wall for publishing brick-like posts from WordPress. Every brick contains the post's title and category, intro text and featured image.

Real Estate Theme for WordPress

Real Estate Theme for WordPress

This theme is dedicated to all websites that work with real estates. It can be used by real estate agents or companies to advertise houses, apartments and other kind of real estates they are selling.

Hot Cars Theme for WP

WordPress Cars Theme

If you like cars and if you are interested about automobile industry and auto-moto sport, you should consider making a website about cars. This can be your blog where you write whatever you want about cars.

WordPress Restaurant Theme

WordPress Restaurant Theme

Running a restaurant and desperately need a website for it? Is there any easier, more convenient and more powerful way to make your own website than making it with WordPress. Probably, not! However, without appropriate restaurant theme, this task wouldn't be a piece of cake.

WordPress Business Theme - Hot Business

WordPress Business Theme

Information about your business must be available online, if you are serious about your business. Design of the business websites is specific because it should look corporate and uniform and at the same time compatible with your company's design guidelines.

Hot Architecture - A Theme for Architects

WordPress Architecture Theme

Just like this theme, architecture is a combination of the usability and the design. A house, a building, a living room... All these should look nice and pleasent, but also they should make us feel comfortable. Hot Architecture is suitable for any business website.

Hot Cosmetics with wooCommerce

WordPress Cosmetics Theme

Cosmetics, as well as accessories and apparel are goods very often sold online. If you love WordPress, and if you are familiar with wooCommerce, this product will help you to launch your online cosmetics store effortless.

Fashion Store for WordPress

WordPress Fashion Theme

Welcome to the third design for the popular e-commerce plugin wooCommerce. This time, design is WordPress Fashion theme. So, we "tailored" the theme with modern and strong backgrounds images.

Multipurpose eCommerce Theme

WordPress Ecommerce Theme

What's important for a site that sells something? Of course, to put what you sell in the striking position. Not to be swamped with graphics, but to allow visitors a quick and easy shopping.

Hot Furniture - WordPress Furniture Theme

WordPress Furniture Theme

The entire theme is developed around wooCommerce, so with this nice design you also get (beside usual blogging features) the online store out of the box. With this nice design you also get (beside usual blogging features) the online store out of the box.

WordPress HOTel Theme

WordPress Hotel Theme

World travelers will not choose your hotel if it is not well presented on the Internet. If they find your hotel website easily and if they are about to travel in your area, your guests will most likely wish to stay in your hotel.

Hot Flashes - Menu Slideshow

WordPress Flashes Theme

Is it possible to combine images slide show with WordPress menu items? Lead by this question, we created this WordPress theme. It is functioning in an unique way. Each menu item is a part of the slide show. It also can have up to two levels of submenu items.

Hot Sportal for Portals About Sport

WordPress Sport Theme

Hot Sportal is WordPress sport theme incorporated with several WordPress plugin. Altogether, they are the perfect system for your Sport news portal based on the WordPress platform.

WordPress Travel Theme - Hot Destinations

WordPress travel theme

WordPress travel theme Hot Destinations is designed primarily for the travel agency websites. We named it "Destinations" because it puts the tourist's destinations in the first plan. It comes with several WordPress plugins.

Hot DesignNow - Designer's Blog

WordPress Design Theme

This is WordPress theme dedicated to portals about all areas of design. WordPress design theme - Hot DesignNow comes with five different pre-defined styles. If you love a quality design, we are sure you will love at least one of its variants.

Chameleon Theme with 8 Styles

Hot Chameleon Theme

Chameleon WordPress theme is for websites that don't contain too much text, images or other content on a single page. It comes with eight predefined color schemes and each of them contains unique abstract background image and color scheme.

Hot Vortex Theme with Hot Spinner Plugin

Vortex WordPress Theme

At the same time we are releasing Hot Vortex WordPress theme and Hot Spinner WordPress plugin. Together, they work as a team to help you create a WordPress site about software, hardware, or a site for other purposes. This theme has so many widget positions.

WordPress Wellness Theme - Hot Wellness

WordPress Wellness Theme

WordPress wellnes theme Hot Wellness is designed to support development of WordPress based websites about healthy life, food and lifestyle. It could be used for websites about medicine and alternative medicine. It's also perfect for massage studios and spa centers.

Hot Photo Portfolio - WP Portfolio Theme

WordPress Portfolio theme

Since digital cameras became available to everyone, many of us have a huge collection of photos. You probably want to share some of those photos with relatives and friends. A professional photograph's portfolio website with collections of the best photos is a must have!