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Sales/Licensing Related Questions

What's difference between single template/extension order and membership plan?

  1. With single template/extensions order, you are paying for one template/extension. After download, you can use it forever. You will be able to download updates for this template/extension forever.
  2. With membership plan, you will be able to download all our templates/extensions. After download, you can use them forever. You will be able to download updates for this extension during your membership period only.

If I subscribe, will you charge my credit card or Paypal account automatically when subscription period is over?

No. You will just receive emails informing you when your subscription period is over.

On how many domains can I install template that I bought?

You can install all our templates and extensions on unlimited number of domains.

Do you offer refunds after order has been placed?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded! We honor all refund requests. If you are not happy then it's our fault, so please contact us to get your refund. No questions asked!

What's PSD file? Do I need it?

You might find it useful in several occasions, but only if you use Photoshop. Detailed info here.

I need to remove the copyright notice and/or rebrand your product. Is it possible?

Yes, since all our products are licensed under GPL license, you can remove the copyright notices and/or rebrand them.

I paid template / extension / membership. How to download?

To download our templates and extensions, please do the following:

  1. Go to and login with your email and password.
  2. Click on the Downloads link (top menu).
  3. If your order is paid and active (green color), click the Available Downloads button.
  4. Download template or extension that you bought (click on its name).

Common Technical Questions

Template installed on my server, but it's different than on your server.

  1. Make sure you used HotStart installation method, not standard template installation. Details about HotStart installation method has been given in documentation PDF file.
  2. Make sure all files are uploaded successfully and correctly. More info
  3. Make sure you clicked "Install Sample Data" button during installation.
  4. Make sure you did not change "jos_" as database prefix during HotStart installation.
  5. You can't install HotStart over existing Joomla site. HotStart is new Joomla installation.

Template installed and home page looks good, but I get error when I click any link.

You probably have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) links enabled, but not configured properly.

  1. Using your FTP program, rename file htaccess.txt (you'll find it in Joomla root folder) to .htaccess
  2. Check your site now. If it still doesn't work, you can consult your hosting provider for correct .htaccess file for your server. Also, you can disable SEF links in Joomla administration panel (Global configuration).

How to change the page title (in the browser bar).

Please change it by editing default menu item. You will find it under the System tab. More info

How to change template's logo image?

  1. You should upload new logo image in folder /templates/hot_templatename/images. Name of the image should be logo.png. Dimensions of the image (width and height) should be the same as dimensions of the original logo image.
  2. If you need to change code of logo container (dimensions, padding...), you can do this by editing Logo module (in Module Manager), or, if it's not available, by editing template's index.php file. More info

How do I edit company text in the copyright notice?

Go to Joomla backend (administrator), then go to Template Manager and click template name. Look for Copyright field under Layout or Features tab. Enter your company name and save.

I got error message "Error! Could not find an XML setup file".

The template archive that you downloaded contains several files. There are template archive, HotStart archive, source files, extensions files anddocumentation. As its name says, please unzip the file you downloaded first (if you bought template). Then read documentation file (PDF) that you will find inside to learn more about installation. More info

My template doesn't look good in IE9 (and later).

If you downloaded template after March 22, 2011, please re-download and re-install. More info

After standard template installation, the top menu looks broken.

  1. If you have template with drop-down menu, please read this tutorial.
  2. If you have template with mega menu, please read this tutorial.

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