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HotThemes LogoWe are producers of templates and extensions for popular GPL content management systems. We design and develop premium Joomla templates and supporting software to make our clients websites look and work better. Also we write tutorials that will help you to learn the secret of CMS platforms easier. Our vision is to deliver only the high quality products that will improve your website or your company's business.

We have met Joomla (formerly known as Mambo) on year 2004. The rest is history, but, don't worry, we are not going to be boring here... :)

TeamOur team was the best ranked freelance team at the MamboLance (this service doesn't exist anymore) and one of the best at the JoomLancers. We have designed and developed about 400 sites during 2004-2009. Most of them have been built in Joomla CMS. We decided to work as full-time web designers. Also, we decided to use GNU/GPL Content Management Systems (Joomla) as a framework for all our future projects. Now, we believe that we made the right choice.

Our team are connected with people from a lot of web design studios worldwide. Honestly, we are proud of this! Some of them asked us to develop websites for their clients. On the other hand, we convinced some other people that GNU/GPL Content Management Systems is the best solution for their needs.

The clients asked us, we answered! The clients required from us, we fulfilled! We would try something different. Let us serve a Joomla website for you. You just take it!


milos stankovic

Milos Stankovic

Joomla developer and designer

Milos started architecture portal Arhitektura.rs in 2000. Four years later, he found Joomla and decided to use it for his own site. As he was receiving many job proposals for Joomla websites, he became a full-time web designer. After over 400 Joomla websites developed, in 2009., he decided to start a new website specialized for design and development of professional Joomla templates.

Milos is mSC of Architecture Engineering. Beside design skills he learned on the faculty, he's experienced in HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript.


ivan milic

Ivan Milic

jQuery and WordPress developer & tech. support

Ivan is mSC in computer engineering. Ivan has more than 10 years of experience in software development. During his carrier he had worked with variety of different development technologies: native C++, .Net, ASP, Javascript, PHP ... Ivan is founder of HOLEST whose main product is Quick P2P, NAT and Firewall Traversal API library that is easy to use and can be backbone for p2p applications like Skype and Hamatchi.


The countless number of freelancers and volunteers from all parts of the world are also engaged in various phases of HotThemes' products development. We are always looking forward to extend our team, so, if you feel that you have skills that may improve our products, don't hesitate to contact us!

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