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I am new and know exactly what I want, but

8 years 5 months ago #2988 by infocus
First I am an architectural and interior photographer and interior designer. I am also a serial entrepeneur and have a couple of companies that I could also use Photo Portfolio. My first question is this. What is the relationship of Joomla categories and sections to Photo Portfolio. The reason for the question is that if I have my Joomla site set up with "Contact Us" and "About Us" I can't find a way to put that info in the top line(header?). I guess my question is really what hierarchy should I use using Photo Portfolio. I am sure once I do this one time I'll be home free. I'm just a little confused. The documentation doesn't address such simple stuff. I am a rank beginner but a very fast learner.

I want to do seven different groupings (galleries?) and have each of the photos rotate even if they are in a different folder in media manager. My groupings are Exteriors, Living Rooms, Master Bedrooms etc. If I could mostly duplicate the demo site and then make my own edits and changes in wording it would be OK with me.

Two other questions related to the actual photos. When I set a photo gallery it doesn't seem to allow both vertical and horizontal photos. How can I have both? Anybody have a suggestion on a easy way to resize my very large files to use in Photo Portfolio? I realise all verticles have be done separately from horizontals. A sweet addition to Photo Portfolio would be this ability.

thank you very much for your patience

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8 years 5 months ago #2991 by milos
You don't need to worry about sections and categories. Simply create a page and insert a gallery inside, just as we did on demo. You can put that page in any category.

Then create a menu item and link it to the page you created, with gallery inside.

Regarding photo proportions, you should prepare photos with identical proportions if you what them to look perfect on page. There's no other way. That's what we did on demo. Mixing portrait and landscape proportions in a gallery is possible, but not eye-catching.

If you are total Joomla beginner, you would need to learn some Joomla basics, but this site is not place for that. Check www.joomla.org . You can find some nice Joomla books there as well.
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8 years 5 months ago #2996 by infocus
Thanks, I had a feeling this was the case but just wasn't sure. I've created a few sites using Joomla but did them from scratch not from a template.

Just a couple of clarifications. Is it possible to rotate pics from different folders through the gallery from different folders or do they have to be from the same folder? The reason for the question is that I have my different groupings and have links to those folers. I would like to have the gallery on the front page rotate through them all. I think I could put a copy of each picture in one location and accomplish this I think. I'm just not crazy about wasting a ton of time experimenting.

Any reccommendation on a simple and cheap program to convert my large files to 72dpi and the size that I want. I obviously have photo shop but it is cumbersome, and I am traveling and have photo shop on my desktop not on my portable. I have heard that there are a few newer programs which do a great job of this.

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8 years 5 months ago #2997 by infocus
One other quick question. I have the size of my pics in Photo Gallery set at 500 height and 600 width and that is fine. My border ends up the perfect height and width but is short on the right. How do I change the size of the border on the right?

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8 years 5 months ago #2998 by milos
Unfortunately, Photo Gallery plugin allows you to use only one folder of images.

There are many free tools that can resize images. If you are on Windows, even Paint can help, or GIMP, or Paint.net (available on Mac as well). All of them are free.

For web use, it's not DPI is not important. You should take care about image size in pixels, in example if it's over 1024 x 768 px, it's too big and should be resized.

Regarding the borders question, I must see your site to give you a solution.
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8 years 5 months ago #2999 by infocus

I am making progress. I have a front page mostly the way I want it. I just need a couple of clarifications. Every article menu etc should be uncaterogised? Is that correct? I think that is what I understood.

Next assuming that is correct what are the items in the USER3 location. I can't get menu items to locate there. I can get them located in the standard top left location. There is not an USER3 option. I can move modules all over the page and my hunch is that is where I should be going.

Is this the best way to communicate? It doesn't bother me but it does seem a little cumbersome. Just let me know what your preference is.

I've tried following the description for starting multiple photo galleries by Article Manager and starting a new gallery by pasting photogallery}images/stories/sample{/photogallery on the page. I must be doing something wrong. I assume that where sample is should be the name of the folder where the images are located? In my case I'll use an example of Master Bedrooms. The images are located in the file masterbedrooms. So I would think the syntax should be "photogallery}images/stories/masterbedrooms{/photogallery" Is this correct? I tried this and a couple of other variations and it just didn't work. I want to have pictures of the rooms on the left like your animals and then writing to the right very similar conceptually to your demo. My galleries that I want are Exteriors, Living Rooms, Master Bedrooms, Bedrooms, Bunkrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Enty Areas and Home Cinema. I had set up a Portfolio Section and had each of these a category but it appears that just doesn't work with your template? Is that correct?

Just a side note I know literally hundreds of very successful photographers, architects and interior designers and they would all love your template, but your directions have to be explicit.

Enough for now, thank you.

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