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How DNS Lookups Affect Website Performance

The performance of your website is one of the most important things about your site as a whole. Performance generally applies to things like the speed of your site loading up, the speed of going from page to page and more.

How Using a VPN Can Benefit SEO

From search engine optimization (SEO) overhauls to running social media campaigns, it’s clear that the internet is an essential tool in the digital age, and it would be hard to imagine life without it. Whether it’s collecting data, analyzing trends, or executing tests, digital marketing specialists from around the world utilize the internet day in day out in an attempt to get their business to where they want it to be.

Hosting Performance

In today's computing climate, speed and performance are the two factors that will determine how well you can present your content and serve your traffic. Poor performance can cause a ripple effect that impacts your place in the SERPs and damages your reputation.

Law Firm SEO

You can get clients through pitching your services on radios, billboards, TVs, and other print media platforms. But there is nothing as effective as taking your game to the digital marketing arena. Plus, if you are looking to enhance your law firms’ online presence, you’d want to implement a strong SEO strategy.


Having a Blog section on your Joomla website is only the beginning. The next step is filling that Blog section with content that users find valuable. There is a lot you can share as an eCommerce or service website, including information about how to best utilize your products and services.

Once upon a time

The new feature of automatic backup to OneDrive has been introduced in Windows 10. It means that all users’ documents, pictures and papers will be automatically saved to the cloud. Thus, you will never lose anything that is important to you. At first, the feature was only available to business users. Now, regular users can enjoy the benefits of automatic backup as well.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO terrifies many, but it doesn’t need to. This term simply refers to any SEO steps that are taken, which don’t directly relate to the content. This portion of the search engine optimization process forms the foundation on which a website is built and allows the site to rank higher in the search engines. With the help of this process, it becomes easier for the search engines to crawl the website and index the content. What factors play a role in technical SEO?