The Hot Image Scroller module scrolls a selection of your images horizontally on the screen. For a smooth animation, it's 100% CSS-based without any Javascript code or dependencies. You can select a collection of images uploaded on your Joomla site and add alt text and links for each of them. The dimensions of the scrolling images are parametrized.

The infinite scrolling animation can go in both directions. Also, you can set the animation speed. It's possible to have multiple instances of the Image Scroller on the same page thanks to the unique ID parameter that you can use.

The Hot Image Scroller module is introduced with the horse riding template. The sample use case that you can see in the image below is also from this template. This module is available for download for all our club members but can be also bought separately. It's also available for those members who bought the template where this module is included.


Hot Image Scroller

Hot Counters Module Parameters


  • Unique ID - If you want to use multiple scroller instances on a page, each of them must have a unique ID.
  • Image Width - Width of the images in the scroller.
  • Image Height - Height of the images. This setting has precedence over the image width. So, if you enter the image height value, the image width value will be disregarded.
  • Image Margin - Margin between the images in the scroller.
  • Module Height - Overall height of the module container.


  • Background Color - Select a background color for the scroller module container. If no color is selected, the background will be transparent (default).


  • Duration - Time in seconds for the scroller to go from the first to the last image. A lower value will make the animation faster and vice versa.
  • Scroll Direction - The direction of the scroller can be either from right to left or from left to right.
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