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Topic-icon How to change the menu text colors in Joomla 1.53

5 years 8 months ago #9665 by dlynn87
I have looked around the template.css file and it is currently set to #fff which is black, i have set that to the color i want and it is still black. Can anyone tell me what i may be missing?


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5 years 8 months ago #9679 by ivan.milic
Put your css on some place whre it will not be overridden by other rule. Good place is bottom of template_css.css or extreme - put css block in head section of page - <style type="text/css" > ...</style> block just before </head> in index.php of template. (just copy css you want to that place - no mater if it be on to places , last one read wins)

Also you can add !important; flag to css property:


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