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Topic-icon need to center gallery or resize gallery box

5 years 3 months ago #12780 by RedDevilsSoccer
Hi, i am using the gallery extension with the hotsportal template. the gallery is loaded into position user1. Unfortunately, i have no control over the size of the photos i am loading, so i can not stretch them to fit in the box.

Can you tell me how to center the photos in the gallery box. Or if it possible to shrink the size of the gallery box so that the photos are centered on the page?

i read it is a margin; float statement in one of the forum entries, but i'm not familiar enough with the css to figure it out on my own.
p.s. i don't want to resize the user1 module size for everything - just for the gallery (i also use the hot carousel module and don't want to affect this).

thanks. you can see the page at

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5 years 3 months ago #12804 by ivan.milic
Size of module dictates size of images and they will be streached to fit it. You you just need to resize/crop your images.

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