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Topic-icon Images will not load in Safari

5 years 9 months ago #7189 by udenpynt

I am using the Hot Joomla Gallery here: - and NO problem in Safari. On my second site images will not load.

I have also disabled all jQuery in HOT Newsflash and HOT Image Slider.

The difference between the two sites is the HOT Image Slider - but inactivating it, makes no difference. I have also inserted the code suggested here (without success):

Hope you can help :)

I know this has been brought up a few times, but I have seriously tried to find a solution in this forum.

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5 years 9 months ago #7197 by ivan.milic

for editing. On beginning you will see:
.svwp {width: 50px; height: 20px;} /*preloader stuff. do not modify!*/
.svwp ul{position: relative; left: -999em;}/*preloader stuff. do not modify!*/

chage width and height to bigger values , and put left:0

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5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #7220 by udenpynt
Hi Ivan,

Thank you for this quick response. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem:

Modifying the code to larger image size (actual size) and left:0, resulted in tiling of the images, see shot 1.

Modifying image size alone still did not show the images, see shot 3.

So it must have something to do with the position? (though the css is completely the same on the other website)

For now I inserted the HOT Image Slider instead - the front page is not the perfect place for testing a brand new site ;) I will make a subpage for this later on.
Last Edit: 5 years 8 months ago by udenpynt. Reason: Sorry, too large attachment - did not see the error on top

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5 years 8 months ago #7234 by ivan.milic
Try this (first return everything to original state):

Go from module to module and disable jQuery. Then manually add reference to latest version jQuery core and UI in header of index.php of template.
You can get latest version of jQuery and UI from

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