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Topic-icon Contact Form with CAPTCHA

6 years 4 months ago #12964 by elanna
elanna created the topic: Contact Form with CAPTCHA
Hi, HSw Community.

I'd like to use a CAPTCHA added to my Visitors Contact Form.
Any suggestion about how to have this resource at the current template?

If you have any 3rd part Form to recommend, pls, let me know.

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6 years 4 months ago #12971 by elanna
elanna replied the topic: Re: Contact Form with CAPTCHA
Ok... No contribuitions from the community... Here you have the mine:

Instal the FlexContact from Joomla Extentions (free). It is easy to instal: just create a new menu item!
It has a simpatetic and fuctional CAPCHA!!! Cool!!!
With good config options, it gives to your template a stylish contact form.

You can keep the original Contact Component from your template, in order to shou your all contact data if you want, but I strongly reccomend to hide the "contact form" into the Contact Manager component. You can still use the Additional Information to create a Link to yournew FlexContac Form (menu item).

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