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Topic-icon Carousel settings

6 years 4 months ago #12571 by kblackie
kblackie created the topic: Carousel settings
Is there a way to cause the carousel to automatically start displaying the images from the beginning (or end depending on the direction the user is going)without it scrolling back to the beginning?

or maybe it possible to cause the carousel to stop displaying images when either end of the images is reached, especially when reaching the end of the image list, it continues to scroll and empty spots fill in on the right.

I hope this makes sense.

If it takes editing the javascript or any of the other files, I can handle that, but I am hoping it won't be necessary. If the code needs to be edited, maybe I can get a quick synopsis of how the code works so I don't have to spend tons of time researching each function.

Thanks in advance!

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6 years 4 months ago #12596 by ivan.milic
ivan.milic replied the topic: Re: Carousel settings
no you must have total number of items multiple of number of displayed items

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