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Topic-icon Ordering images

7 years 9 months ago #1406 by stanman1
stanman1 created the topic: Ordering images
My site URL is as follows:

I want the images to appear in a specific order. I saw another post on this same issue and support said that the images are ordered based on the last modified date of the files. My client's web site has 37 images in the carousel. Do I have to modify one file a day for 37 days to get the images to appear the desired order, or is there another way to accomplish my desired effect?

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7 years 9 months ago #1414 by milos
milos replied the topic: Re: Ordering images
We didn't implement any code into the module that controls ordering. Therefore, images are ordered depending of your server settings. It's usually per name (A to Z) or per modify date (the newest or the oldest first). Please try both variants.

We are planning to implement image ordering code in the next PRO version of this module.

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7 years 8 months ago #1787 by fmoulton
fmoulton replied the topic: Re: Ordering images
if you are having issues with ordering and your server. You can add this simple piece of code to make it sort alphabetically or numerically.

Go to modules/mod_hot_joomla/carousel/tmpl and open the file default.php

Around Line 159 you will see the beginning of the for loop
for ($loop = 0; $loop <= $infinite_pics_number; $loop += 1) {

add this line after it

//sort images
//end sort

save the file and re-upload it to the server.

Now your images will sort like this:




Happy Coding!!! B)

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