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Topic-icon gallery not showing images

6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 3 weeks ago #14531 by mercury1
hello :
I'm using the template in RTL . my hot joomla gallery doenst show all the images. it shows the thumbnails but doenst work correctly. can you take a look please ?
many thanks
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6 years 4 months ago #14539 by ivan.milic
Open with editor:


find this:

jQuery("div#thumbSlider" + j + " a").each(function(z) {
jQuery(this).bind("click", function(){
jQuery(this).find("p.tmbrdr").css({borderColor: settings.thumbsActiveBorderColor, opacity: settings.thumbsActiveBorderOpacity});
jQuery(this).parent().parent().find("p.tmbrdr").not(jQuery(this).find("p.tmbrdr")).css({borderColor: settings.thumbsBorderColor, opacity: settings.thumbsBorderOpacity});
var cnt = -(pictWidth*z);
(cnt != container.find("ul").css("left").replace(/px/, "")) ? container.find("span.typo").animate({"opacity": 0}, 250) : null ;
container.find("ul").animate({ left: cnt}, settings.easeTime, settings.easeFunc, function(){container.find("span.typo").animate({"opacity": settings.typoFullOpacity}, 250)});
return false;

remove minus sign from line I marked red:

var cnt = (pictWidth*z);
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