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Topic-icon Logo Positioning - once again!

6 years 7 hours ago #4737 by mosskit

I have just changed my old logo, with new, bigger one.

I did as you suggested in some previous subject:
-changed the size parameters in templates/hot_architecture/index.php file to oryginal (319x140)

-and changed .logo {} section in layout.css

Now it's almost ok.. logo is biger - but I'd like to move it a little bit higher to the top. have been thinking for a while so far with no results. Any ideas, how to do that?

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6 years 1 hour ago #4744 by ivan.milic
One quick spartan solution would be to add this:

.logo_pad a img
top: -30px;

to the layout.css file.

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5 years 11 months ago #4763 by mosskit
Big thanks - now it works :)

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