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Topic-icon Eventsmap compatibility

6 years 9 months ago #9020 by ppitz
ppitz created the topic: Eventsmap compatibility
I use Jomsocial and the boutique template.
In jomsocial i upload and activate eventsmap.

This map is show in my events, but i would like that the map is show on Home page.
The problem is that my map doesn't appear, i have only the title but no map.
Is there a "compatibility" problem between the template and eventsmap?

Thank for your help.

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6 years 9 months ago #9031 by ivan.milic
ivan.milic replied the topic: Re: Eventsmap compatibility
Are you sure you configured you component as it should be? There should not be compatibility problem between template and that component. Conflicts like that can be only in terms of component layout , but if something is not displayed that does not have anything with template.

You can test that using default joomla templates, I would rather say that there is some problem with component configuration. Example from my experience: user set events dates to be before current date, and component was not set to display past events.

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