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Help on Background color in Topmenu3 and Articles

7 years 2 months ago #17776 by nachiket331

I have an issue with the Dark Background Style and position.
Part 1:

When I had the default style 1 (green) the Login and Signup buttons on the top right (user2) position appeared in green color as well.
However, I wanted to change it to style 4 (dark background) and when I do this, The Login and Signup are not shown. This is happening because they are black in color and when I hover my mouse to the position they appear in white. Surprising part is the "Contact Us" also belongs to topmenu3 and is in user2 position but it always appears in while font.

Part 2:
Sometimes, the Login and Signup appear in a single horizontal line like this
Login Signup ContactUs
However, many times I get something like this

Signup ContactUs


Why does this happen ? :(

Coming to another issue: Article List Display.
I have added a category and I have articles under that category.
When I click on the Articles in the Main Menu, I expect to get a list of Articles in that category. Now, I do get the list. However, the last entry in the list always has a White Background and White foreground (sometimes Yellow)
So, If I click on the white bar, I do get the last article but then I am not sure how to fix the background color portion.

I am kind of new to this and without much expertise on modifying the template.
So, before venturing into it, I just wanted to know what exactly I need to do.

Thanks in Advance.

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7 years 2 months ago #17785 by ivan.milic
we would need link.
You can edit style values in /styles/styleX.php

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