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× Discussion about Hot Effects Slider Joomla module.

Topic-icon Displays in IE but not Chrome or FF

5 years 1 month ago #14003 by RFreund
This is for the Hot Effects Rotator - Is this the same as the effects slider?

The images will display in IE but will only display for a split second in Chorme and FireFox.

If I inspect the element I can see that display is being set to none. If I delete this it will display but it will not rotate. I can see that it is trying to 'rotate' but it can not.

Any thoughts?


Could be similar to this thread:


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5 years 4 weeks ago #14021 by milos
First, check your source code, you have 2 references to jQuery library, and there must be only one. Try to disable this in Hot Effects Rotator or any other 3rd party extension that calls it.

Second, perhaps you have only one image . Please add more in the rotator.

Third, your image names must not contain spaces. "designer%20bags.png" is not a correct name, should be in example "designer_bags.png"

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5 years 4 weeks ago #14055 by RFreund
Ahhh, sorry about that the pic names had to be one word...newb mistake. Also yeah I believe my better half removed a couple of the images.

Thanks though problem solved.
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