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× Discussion about Hot Effects Slider Joomla module.

Topic-icon Using with Rokbox

6 years 7 months ago #2113 by neilw

I am trying to get a lightbox on my site and have decided to use Rokbox (or at least use it to learn how to do). My issue is trying to get the rel="rokbox" into the <a> tag using the HOT effects Slider.

I am guessing, as I am no expert, that I would need to add a checkbox for each image to say insert the rel="rokbox" element to the <a> tag. For which I will need to add a param name element to the .xml file.

I would then modify a js file (?) to actually check this param and then add the rel="rokbox" to the <a> tag.

My issues are:

1. what js file do I need to modify
2. What should I add and where?

Any help would cut the effort tremendously.

Or can you add the ability to do lightbox to a future version? And if so when? ;)



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6 years 7 months ago #2115 by milos
Though question. You would need to edit default.php file of the module. However, I can't tell you more details as I am not using RokBox. We can't combine competitor's extension with our own. Also, I am not sure if combining an image rotator with Lightbox is possible at all. Have you seen such example?

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6 years 7 months ago #2116 by neilw

Um no I haven't, which is why I want to do it :cheer:

From what I can see the plug-in puts code into the header and then you modify the <a> tag.

So I was guessing that I could make the code changes myself, understand about competitors etc, just was hoping there might be a little hint or two.

So I guess I have to figure out how your rotator creates the <a> tag, and then add the extra parameter.

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