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Emergency Images loading down the page!

5 years 5 months ago #36756 by nosinned
Kind of an emergency,

Having 2 issues ive been fighting and not sure if they are related.

1. Primary issue. On the index page the rotater loads find no problems, however on every other page it loads on the first image loads, when it switches to the 2nd image it chops it up and instead of displaying it in the module position it begins to display the chopped up pieces scrolled down the left side of the page. Kind of hard to explain but ive had to disable it currently from all other pages until we can come up with a fix. Might not be a bad idea sense the site is about to take on heavy traffic due to upcomming weather events.

2. i think this is a jquery issue ive been fighting ever sense i intially put this thing together using a modified hot_cars template. in order to get the actuall rotater to display and function properly i actually have to have 2 instances of the module published to the same position. if i disable one or the other it will not work at all..

As always thank you for your timely responses

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5 years 5 months ago #36761 by ivan.milic
We would need to see that live, can you send us link?

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