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Topic-icon NOT working on Virtuemart Frontpage

6 years 4 months ago #3282 by m0n0mind
hi there,
first of all, nice module you made available. thanks alot! :)

but now i ran into an issue that i was not able to solve by myself.
i'd like to show this rotator on VM Startpage only, so I used NoNumber's ModulesAnywhere Plugin to integrate it into VM Startpage. I used the Description field of the store page on VM Administration
{module ModuleID}
to display it. But the module behaves very strange.
have a look at demo page , plz. Its the big pic in the center...
text overlay placement and look is wrong and the transitions and placement is odd, too.
but it perfectly works on all other (VM) pages, too. Only on VM startpage it won't do.
also couldn't find any related info on other (VM) forums.

i traced all the scripts i could get a hand on and disabled and tested thouroughly all possible combinations. to conclude this, it seems as if it is not really a script conflict...

anyone had this issue before?
any hints what may cause this?


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6 years 4 months ago #3285 by milos
Hi Daniel,

You should make sure if there's conflict between the module and your template's CSS (switch to default template temporary), or between the module and some other module installed on site (like accordion) - disable them, one by one temporary, to see which one makes the problem.

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6 years 4 months ago #3288 by m0n0mind
hey milos,
thanks for your fast reply! :)
will digg me into debugging again and will post news if there are any. :side:


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6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #3291 by m0n0mind
after fiddling around once again to no avail, i went on with a different approach...

i used NoNumbers Advanced Module Manager to assign the rotator to VM frontpage only.
i first assigned it to the VM store menu item.
then in the rotator module config (advancedmodulemanager-area), using the URL-option of it to specify parts of the URL on which it shouldn't load:
and so on...

drawback is that it needs to be adjusted when using SEF URLs, but hey, it works! :)

so the main problem must be the approach to include a loadmodule (or similar) entry in store-description field.
this will break the module. (not shure why, though)

cheers, B)
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