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Topic-icon HOT Effect rotator, some question

6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #5233 by bobgen
I have several questions related to the HOT Effect rotator:

1. can I change something from the following for displayed text: the level of transparency, bold and / or font size? If the image is in the lower part of the light (predominantly white), the text can not be read.

2. If you put picture width less of 450 px transparent surface then passes over the edge on the right side. It seems, picture can't be less than 450px. I have not checked what happens if picture is wider than 450px, will be transparent surfaces extend to the end of the picture.

3. Is possible to move the transparent surface of the text vertically, eg. to the bottom edge?

Thank you.
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6 years 2 weeks ago #5253 by ivan.milic
Not sure what you mean, put that on your site temporally an let me take a look

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6 years 2 weeks ago #5260 by bobgen
On picture is situation (marked with letters):
A. To high level of transparency. Very difficult to read letters. Letters can be bigger.
B. These gap is loss for picture, and I wish to move transparency area to lower border
C. If visible area smaller then picture, module cut-off picture oh right side
D. If visible area in module bigger then picture, there is gap D

For A i B I hope to possible change easy, but for C i D need to know: module don't resize picture to dimension of visible area.

If you can help to resolve at least A (changing level of transparency and size of letter) and B (move transparency area to down border) I'll be happy.

For C i D resizing picture need to be, but that can resolve now with changing manually dimension of picture and to be same as visible area of module. Not practical, but it is solvable.



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6 years 1 week ago - 6 years 1 week ago #5307 by ivan.milic
Hi ,
In style.css there is css entity:

.nivo-caption {
position: absolute;
left: 0px;
bottom: 10px;/*Put this to 0 to stick the bar to the bottom*/
background: black;
color: white;
background: url(../images/content_bg2.png);
width: 99.9%;
z-index: 89;
margin: 0 auto;


.nivo-caption p {
padding: 15px;/*Put this to lesser value to reduce the height of the bar*/
margin: 0;
Last Edit: 6 years 1 week ago by ivan.milic.
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