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Topic-icon Article links send top menu to different tab

6 years 7 months ago #1940 by scottshort
Hello again Milos, Some final issues to resolve to finish my site. I have a number of articles where I created thumbnail picture links to other articles. Some of these links send me to the correct page, however, the top menu tab gets sent to the "contact" tab which is highlighted even though I am not viewing an article in that tab. This happens on a number of my links and is probably due to the fact that I copied a number of these and then changed the text. There might be something residing in the article that I am unaware that might be sending the top menu highlight to the wrong tab. A few examples can be found on the page titled "About Salamastra and Salamastra's Creators" which can be found by clicking the "Salamastra" tab under the "About" tab. On this page the first thumbnail link works with new article appearing with "About" still highlighted. The other two thumbnail links send me to the correct pages but the "Contact" tab is highlighted instead of "About". When I navigate to the same page using just the top menu, I do not get this problem...all highlighted tabs are correct.

I have the exact problem for many of the thumbnail links in the articles under the "Real Estate" tab. Can you figure out what is wrong in my article that I should look for so I can fix this?? Thanks Milos

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6 years 7 months ago #1949 by milos
Please check Itemid value of each link. In example, has Itemid=128, but you should also use Itemid=115 (it's ID of the About menu item).

For detailed info about menu item IDs, please read Joomla documentation.

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6 years 7 months ago #1952 by scottshort
ok, resaving links seems to correct this problem. Thanks again

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