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× Discussion about "Real Estate" Joomla template

Topic-icon real estate not loading correctly, no logo or menu

5 years 6 months ago #10538 by curtisbollington
I've spent some time trying to load the real estate template.

I can get it to display, but there's no logo and no menus. I'm loading the simple version, not the hot start version. I've tried loading another template in (a free one called Gratis), and this works fine. So it's not a hosting or Joomla problem, but most likely a problem with the realestate template somewhere.

When I look at the 'templates' tab in the templates manager, the version is displayed as 1.6, yet I have downloaded and installed
Any ideas?

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5 years 6 months ago #10539 by milos
If you like to get copy of our demo files and content, you must use HotStart. If you use Standard installation, you will have to setup all content yourself, including Logo, Menus, Content pages, etc.

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