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Topic-icon Lightbox not working or not possible?

6 years 7 months ago #11712 by eric@evn64.nl
I was under the impression that the module was able to show articles and images in a Lightbox. But perhaps I'm wrong. Altough I see 'rel="lightbox"' pop up in the code on different places, I can't figure out how to activate it.

I hope someone can clear this up for me.

rgds, Eric

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6 years 7 months ago #11728 by ivan.milic

there is no built in integration,

but you can add this in modules\mod_hot_joomla_carousel_pro\tmpl\default.php after:
			direction: "<?php echo $carouselDirection; ?>",
			loop: <?php if ($carouselLoop) { echo "true"; }else{ echo "false"; } ?>,
			dispItems: <?php echo $articleNumber; ?>,
			pagination: <?php if ($carouselPagination) { echo "true"; }else{ echo "false"; } ?>,
			paginationPosition: "inside",
			autoSlide: <?php if ($carouselAutoSlide) { echo "true"; }else{ echo "false"; } ?>,
			autoSlideInterval: <?php echo $carouselAutoSlideInterval; ?>,
			delayAutoSlide: false,
			combinedClasses: false,
			effect: "<?php echo $carouselEffect; ?>",
			slideEasing: "swing",
			animSpeed: "<?php echo $carouselAnimSpeed; ?>",
			equalWidths: "true"

(by after I mean right after , nothing in between except new line)


jQuery('.carouselimage a').lightbox();


you have to setup carousel pro to match required lightbox HTML, <img> showing thumb in <a> with href to full image.

Of course you have to make sure you have references to lightbox's .js and .css file.

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