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Topic-icon cleaner slide animation and auto repeat

6 years 8 months ago #1622 by tmarch001
How can i set up a clean slide animation? I am trying to create a horizontial image slider for my site. All I can get is very choppy sliding. Also, how can I set it to auto repeat? I hate that it slides back to the beging instead of just a continuous scrolling action. My site is, the slider up now is not this one, but has the animation I want and need. I would use that one, but I can not have a custom color behind the images like i can with this.


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6 years 8 months ago #1624 by milos
I can't access your website. Anyway, choppy sliding happens if you are browsing an heavy website (too much content, animations and other javascript) on a slow computer. Remember, all animations are executing on your computer, not on server (that's how javascript works).

Regarding the continuous scrolling this is not (yet) available in this module.

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