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Topic-icon Disable "save pictures as" (right-click button)

6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 10 months ago #8406 by thespoon
thespoon created the topic: Disable "save pictures as" (right-click button)
I need your help please, I bought the Photo Portfolio Template with the Hot Joomla Carousel Pro (for joomla 1.5).

Is it possible in Carousel Pro to protect my pictures disabling right-click button menu "save pictures as" like in HOT Effects Rotator and Photo Gallery?

Thanks in advance.
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6 years 10 months ago #8417 by ivan.milic
ivan.milic replied the topic: Re: Disable "save pictures as" (right-click button)

There is no way to protect content that comes to somebodies browser, but you can make life harder for most of them who want to steal your work or whatever. This are the measures you can take to protect images:

1. Put alert in javascript when someone clicks right mouse button.
2. Make your site https

As I said there is no way to totally protect that. There are tons of programs that collect resources from sites so even people that is not much IT educated can steal your photos. Best if you can put some stamp on your images when you offer them like stockphoto does, and you can show them in smaller resolutions.

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