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Topic-icon Buttons - Adding Tooltip or Rollover

6 years 5 days ago #6343 by JBlair1
I am interested in making the buttons on the checkout process look more "clickable". When you rollover them, there is no indication that it is a button. The one button that does work is the "Show Cart" button. The ones that I am referring to specifically are:


Here is the link to the site in question:


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6 years 5 days ago #6355 by pirossi
First, congrats for adjusting template.
It's by far the best editing and composition I ever saw.

Second, I see that the paths to some button images aren't correct.
Open templates\hot_furniturestore\css\template_css.css and then you will see inside .button class:
background-image: url("templates/images/button_image.png");

I suppose that correct path is:
background-image: url("../images/button_image.png");

Try to correct all instances of background-image inside .button class (link, hover etc.)

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6 years 4 days ago #6373 by JBlair1
Thank you. I think the store turned out nice.

I see that there is another button class used in the site other than the templates\hot_furniturestore\css\template_css.css, but I an unable to find it. I have made the revisions, but it only applied to the "Show Cart" button. With the "Show Cart" button, only a portion of the button actually changes with the rollover. How can I fix this? I tried looking for the page that actually houses this content, but I am unable to find this either.

Thank you for your help.

You can see the revisions as

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