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× Discussion about "Sportal" Joomla template.

Topic-icon "static" pages (not really),and not only arcticles

6 years 4 months ago #3611 by Mikko

i just signed in this forum, and i'd like to buy this sportal template.

well, i'm going to make a Website for my amateur sport association, and i would like to insert not only news in my site, but also some "static" (even if i know that this is a dinamic site, with php and so on) pages, with descriptions of our activites, tournaments, and things like that, but preventing to become old and shift down due to newer arcticles.

is it possible with joomla and this template?

i suggest you to visit the site from "world series of boxing" to have an idea (but they have a fully customized site of their own) (they have "about", "teams", pages)

please answer me, it's important whether to decide to buy Hot-Sportal template or not.

thank you!

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6 years 4 months ago #3612 by milos
Yes, you can add static pages if you know how. If you have some Joomla experience, you would do that easily. Things like that are not related to template. Every template can have static pages.

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6 years 4 months ago #3655 by Mikko
well,... it's the very first time i use joomla to make a website, so i'm completely noob. but if you say it's possible (and i hope not so hard to do it, for example i hope not to change the php code) i think i'll buy Hot-Sportal.

maybe i'll stress you to help me doing that :)

thank you.

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