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7 years 5 days ago #7940 by russellmoran
I have Sportal theme on GaDaddy hosting, with Joomla 1.6

My website is www.WTreF.com . I'm having problems the time. I've been doing research and it could be a template issue, not sure though.

Here's what's happening. I am using feed gator to import rss feeds into my site. When it does, it puts a future date as the creation/published date. I assumed a feed gator issue, so I have been wining with tech support over there to help. We found it's likely not feed gator.

If I create an "Article" of any kind, it automatically puts a future creates date on it. So, if I create an article on 05/13/011, it says it was created 05/14/2011. This process is 100% unrelated to feed gator. My next logic is checking my joomla configuration.

I went to administrator --> Global Configuration --> Server and made sure time was "Chicago". I live I'n Dallas, so I'm central time...so is Chicago.

Next step, I went to my host to see what was going on. GoDaddy said their settings are correct and my server is set to (GMT -7). They confirmed everything is correct on their end. They pointed me to articles back to joomla.

I researched the joomla articles and many of them mentioned templates could play an effect on time. So, I'm back to where I bough my template. Any help would be appreciated. :)

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7 years 5 days ago #7942 by ivan.milic
You can try to change time offset:

Open the /includes/feedcreator.class.php file and modify this (line 174-175)
You will see


You can change this value to synchronize with feed.
Btw. this is joomla related problem , it has nothing to do with template.

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