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Topic-icon Articale layout problems...

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #8051 by NelsonGPV
Hi guys

I found out a bug And I will like to ask for your support to solve it.

I will try to explain the problem.

in order to have more space for the kunena forum I disable all the right and right2 columns when you access to my Kunena forum section.

However seems to generate a bug because all the articles I wrote on the webpage when you click read more button the article displays in a total different position and banners are not presented on the original form.

This only happens on articles displayed as news because articlaes in other sections are displayed correctly.

Please if someone can help me to solve this problem will be great.

Last Edit: 5 years 10 months ago by NelsonGPV.

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5 years 10 months ago #8059 by ivan.milic
Can you explain your problem more ? Perhaps some links of snapshots would be good.

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