Hot Lightbox confllict with 2 galleries

5 years 4 months ago #45228 by moches

Thanks again for your quick and very good support.

I did understand what you told me to do and I did it. In fact just right now I had being trying the same as you say. The conflict is still on with the second gallery because of the arrows. The first gallery is ok but the second is still not working properly.

If I put both galleries only with activity indicator everything works perfectly but if I choose to use the arrows in any case then the conflict is on.

I have tried all possible combinations to make both ligthbox modules DIFFERENT but it is always with the arrows that this happens.

I have no conflict with activity indicator only since I have to click on the image to go to the next or previous one, I had already tested it with even 3 and 4 lightbox modules, everything working fine.

As I told you, the problem is with the arrows.

Here is my configuration:

Gallery 1 (hot lightbox module 1) is set to WITH ACTIIVITY INDICATOR

Gallery 2 (hot lightbox module 2) is set to WITH ARROWS AND ACTIVITY INDICATOR

The result is still the conflict with Gallery 2, it just loads the first and second image and seems to be in a loop only for those images, eventhough I have more than 10 images.

If I set all my galleries to WITH ACTIVITY INDICATOR, I have no problem at all, all galleries work perfectly.

The only thing Is not working for me are the ARROWS.

But please don't get me wrong I am not complaining about your amazing extensions, I love the extensions you create. It is just that my client wanted the galleries to have the arrows thats all.

I can fixit by embeding the arrows within the images itself so I have no problem on that, or setting on ACTIVITY INDICATOR with overlay and thats it.

Thanxs as always for your great support mate,

Best regards


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