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7 years 5 months ago - 7 years 5 months ago #4214 by aaroninbna
File Storage was created by aaroninbna
I intentionally un-installed all joomla files and have been working on my tutorial videos. So far to date, I have the full process of uploading files to your domain folder (like your YouTube video). But on my server, I have a storage bin away from /public_html/ access. I simply "copy/paste/move" any needed files, thus lessing the upload time to almost instant.

Is there a safe way to transfer these new/clean template files from my storage bin to my domain to prevent any potential conflicts ? I know that certain .php files will be overwritten and I store (after I have made subtle changes) those safely as well.

I upgraded Joomla from 1.5.20 to 1.5.22 (all good), deleted that version, then did a complete fresh 1.5.22 install. I overlooked a key point in the Hot Start directions that this installation is a complete Joomla installation (ver. 1.5.20). It overwrote my security, access control and multi-site programs. (Ooops !) That's okay, but I want to see if there was an easier way to transfer the template without going through the whole Extentions>Install process. Just copy and paste.

Would I need to individually copy the com and mod files from one bin to the next? What would you recommend ?

Also, Mic up your YouTube video's audio a little.

Thank you,
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