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Topic-icon Renaming the "top panel"

7 years 1 day ago #7293 by laurent
laurent created the topic: Renaming the "top panel"

How can i change the "open" and "close" words in the top panel?


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7 years 1 day ago - 7 years 1 day ago #7295 by pirossi
pirossi replied the topic: Re: Renaming the "top panel"
First open templates\hot_designnow\index.php and change line 241:
<div id="sub-panel"><a href="#" id="toggle"><span id="shText">Open</span></a></div>
Instead of 'Open' enter desired caption.

After that edit templates\hot_designnow\js\toppanel.js:
		var el = jQuery("#shText");  
		var state = jQuery("#shText").html();
		state = (state == 'Close' ? '<span id="shText">Open</span>' : '<span id="shText">Close</span>');					
And there change both appearances of word 'Close' and one instance of word 'Open' with desired words. Save & that is that.
Last Edit: 7 years 1 day ago by pirossi.
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