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× Discussion about Hot Designation Joomla module

Topic-icon Can you automatically rotate Articles??

5 years 3 months ago #12223 by racerponte
Hopefully my question makes sense...i think best to refer to the website in question... Currently I am using the free hot news rotator (have purchased hot designation)

I understand how to put the articles in...I am going to use the hot designation module I purchased...what I want to be able to do is this...Lets say i have the module set for four articles...When i write the next one, can the oldest be automatically moved from hot designation into a "regular" joomla article position?? I hope that makes sense?? It seems that if you cant, you would have to write the article twice...once to place in hot position, then go back in, remove and write a regular joomla article...

thx for the help

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5 years 3 months ago #12239 by ivan.milic
Designation is not connected in any way to other joomla components, all slots are filed in manually.

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