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Topic-icon Left and Right arrows disappeared

5 years 10 months ago #7945 by Plugje
I had some problems with the arrows on the left and right. They disappeared when I go to another page. This was the solution to solve the problem.

Add a / before the path of the hjt_gallery_left.png and hjt_gallery_right.png in the /modules/mod_hot_designation/js/hot_designation.js in line 126 and 127.

The code will be like this:
this._cmdLeft = jQuery("<div class='hjt-gallery-cmd-left'><img src='/modules/mod_hot_designation/images/hjt_gallery_left.png' /></div>");
Hopefully this is helping somebody :)

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5 years 10 months ago #7953 by ivan.milic
try ...="../modules/m...

the ../ rewinds the path to site base url and then adds rest relative path.

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