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× Discussion about "eCommerce" VirtueMart/Joomla template

Topic-icon 'Add to cart' and VM scroller

5 years 5 days ago - 5 years 4 days ago #16394 by texhead
Just bought Hot eCommerce template to avoid any issues with Javascript but find myself having issues all the same.
I am used to installing and configuring Joomla Templates and create my own from scratch although not so often now as commercial options are fantastic.
Please refer to
I have a clean install of Joomla 2.5.1 but that may change before you reply as I will update Joomla soon. I have Virtuemart 2.0.2.
The 'Add to Cart' button does nothing, sounds like a javascript issue but maybe something else like permissions. I need to get past this to test everything else.
Also I cannot get the VM Scroller to show at all, it is positioned below main content you will notice a gap between main content and the 3 or 4 'New Product positions at the bottom, obviously in the 'scroller' position.

Can anyone help with this please or direct me to the relivent KB article :)

Tony :(
Last Edit: 5 years 4 days ago by texhead.

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5 years 5 days ago #16400 by ivan.milic
Your server returns 406 (Not Acceptable) on ajax call. Maybe you have something in server configuration that is causing that. See this:

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5 years 5 days ago #16405 by texhead
Thanks Ivan, that is exactly what I have found and am looking into what it means and have requested info from my hosting provider.
Fingers crossed they have had similar issues and can tell me what the problem is and if it can be corrected in my server settings. i.e. turn mod_security off.
I will post here when/if I get satisfaction.


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