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Topic-icon Classic Drop Down Menu

6 years 3 months ago #12568 by fajar santosa
fajar santosa created the topic: Classic Drop Down Menu
Good Morning Support Staff,

I'm having trouble with Classic Drop down Menu
I have activated it by typing 'nav' on the menu tag id but when my mouse was hovering on the menu tab the text is not in white colour but still gray or black (original text colour).

i have opened style1.php and change the parameter $topMenuDropDownHoverText or $topMenuHoverText but still can't change the colour to white.

there must be some other setting that I'm missing


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6 years 3 months ago #12589 by ivan.milic
ivan.milic replied the topic: Re: Classic Drop Down Menu
That is when you use Style 1, maybe you use custom style then you can change that simple from template parameters, or you may have some other css that you added that hits :hover property and overrides it, is so you can send us link so we could have an look

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