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Topic-icon Side by Side modules

6 years 2 months ago #14136 by Dcoomer
Dcoomer created the topic: Side by Side modules
Is there a way to display 2 modules side by side in the inset or tool bar positions? i have a calendar and a upcomming events mods currently assigned to the right so they are underneith eachother and with several other mods on the right it extends the page and creates a void of empty space in the inset position. Curious if i could place them in the tool bar position side by side, but was not sure how to sense the tool bar position is a single zone so to speak, not split in to like the advert positions up top.

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6 years 2 months ago #14151 by ivan.milic
ivan.milic replied the topic: Re: Side by Side modules
You shout be able to do that by some rules in css.

Use firebug or chrome to identify css path for elements you will add styling to.

Container div must have fixed width to Xpx value. Inner containers of that two modules should have float:left , also you could fix their widths to fit layout.
Probably that modules have some property where you can define width so you wont need to add style for that.

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