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Main menu - sub-options formatting

8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #13264 by stan@lenkiewicz.eu
Still the same - none of the options is marked as active.

I have just found a solution. We need two changes in template_css.php file.

The text

.column_right li.active a, .column_left li.active a:link, .column_left li.active a:visited {
color:<?php echo $mainMenuTextActive; ?> !important;

should be replaced with this:

.column_right li.current a, .column_left li.current a:link, .column_left li.current a:visited {
color:<?php echo $mainMenuTextActive; ?> !important;

Then the following code should be added:

.column_right li.current ul li a, .column_left li.current ul li a:link, .column_left li.current ul li a:visited {
color:<?php echo $mainMenuText; ?> !important;

It works - see the attached screenshots.

Best regards,

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