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Topic-icon changing table names hotstart install interfere?

6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #4738 by writethemovie

Does changing the table name from wa89g_ to exampl_

on the joomla hotstart install interfere with the hotstart install.

I am checkin to make sure i uploaded the hotstart zip and not some other zip
I created a godaddy mysql clean database and using thier automatic database creation option.

My username and config stuff is fine.

The site worked but did not have the demo content.

The only module showing was Main menu.

There were other modules in the modules folder but they werent showing up in the joomla admin backend when i went to extentions and was goind to enable them. They simply didnt show up at all. The only module that showed up was main menu and it was enabled.

Did I mess up the hotstart by changing the table names? Im reinstalling with default table name and making 100% certain that the unzipped installation package 'wellness hot start' zip is the file im ftp uploading

I wanted to change the table names for security reasons.

Plus in this case i couldnt seem to get the modules to show up in joomla backend admin under extentions>module manager

I tried deleting the directory of the existing module ( and uploading it as a zip (hot accordian)through the joomla install package process but it wouldnt in stall the package because it still said the directory is being used by another module.

but it said another module was using that directory

When you work it out im worse than you
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6 years 2 months ago #4746 by writethemovie
Well looks like my reinstall fixed it. Dont know if using the default wa89g_ table names did it or if i just didnt do the hotstart zip in the first place. ??

When you work it out im worse than you

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