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Topic-icon Grey bar under submenu

5 years 5 months ago #11696 by jpmdejonge
Dear support,

Thanks for your great template, very happy with it.

We have one issue with the submenu.

As you can see on our working environment www[dot]aurora1[dot]nl/synergo (we do not to wake up friend Google for this development site) when you open a submenu there is a 5px grey bar underneath it which we do not want there.
I checked with firebug and can see the CSS line responsible however I cannot see where of in which file this is defined.

I hope you can help out.

Thanks and best regards,


Inter Delta Communicatie

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5 years 5 months ago #11723 by ivan.milic
You can find it in template_css.php as:

#nav li ul {
border-bottom:5px solid <?php echo $topMenuSubTextHover; ?>;
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